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Are you over this freezing weather? Three new HI-CHEW flavors are sure to give you and your taste buds a much-needed vacay to spring feels! Below, we share more details about these three new flavors and where you can find them in stores.

To me, HI-CHEW has always been more than just candy. It’s a chewy, fruity treat that has always been a favorite. When I learned the brand had launched new flavors, I was excited to try them out. A huge thanks to the brand for sending a pack my way.

As the press release shares, these new treats will “transport your taste buds into a berry field of goodness,” and they’re not lying! It may not be spring or summer, but the berry flavors are always welcomed.

New HI-CHEW flavors

This new HI-CHEW Berry Mix, which includes all three flavors (Black Cherry, Raspberry, and Blueberry), is available exclusively at 7-Eleven stores nationwide. So to enjoy these new treats, you’ll have to visit your local 7-Eleven to get a pack (or three).

However, starting on April 27, the HI-CHEW Berry Mix pack will become available at additional retailers, as well as online. 

From the three, my favorite is the Black Cherry. It’s super sweet and packed with flavor. But the Raspberry and Blueberry came pretty close. I’m just a sucker for sweetness.

Source: New HI-CHEW flavors review: Black Cherry, Raspberry, and Blueberry are real treats