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Nope, that rumbling sound isn’t a truckload of festive gifts being delivered to my doorstep — but it is the sound of my stomach after hearing about Nestlé Toll House’s new holiday cookie dough flavors for 2021. Just when I thought the smell of freshly baked glazed brown sugar maple cookies was as good as it gets, the snack brand is fast forwarding to winter with four new cookie doughs and a new marshmallow-backed Morsels & More ($4) mix perfect for swirling into a steaming cup of hot cocoa.

The new cookie dough flavors include Gingerbread ($3), Red Velvet ($2), Peppermint Cocoa ($3), and a Snow Day ($3) cookie with sprinkles so beautiful that it’s almost too pretty to eat (almost). Each new flavor is expected to pop up on shelves for a limited time beginning in November, so apologies to my go-to chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies, but I’m making room on the dessert tray for some new flavors this year. Read on to learn more about the ingredients in each new holiday treat ahead.

Source: Nestlé’s New 2021 Holiday Cookie Dough Flavors | POPSUGAR Food