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Spring desserts get a colorful and flavorful upgrade with Nestle Toll House new flavors.

From love expressions to Easter baskets, the Nestle Toll House new flavors seem to celebrate the idea that Spring has sprung. Bursting with colors, flavors and textures, these sweet ingredients will make any day feel even more special. Are you ready to get baking?

Sometimes the simple baking pleasures are the ones are classic desserts. Back for Valentine’s Day and Easter are both the Nestle Toll House Valentine Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and the Nestle Toll House Easter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

For Valentine’s Day, the limited-edition cookie dough has red and pink heart sprinkles mixed with the original semi-sweet morsels. Even if you have difficulty baking, these break and bake treats will make your Valentine feel the love on February 14.

The Nestle Toll House Spring Easter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough features pastel egg sprinkles. While the kids might have to hunt for Easter eggs to put in their basket, these pretty color sprinkles are ready to be found. Even the bunny will be hoping along to enjoy another cookie.

While the break and bake cookies are the easy Spring desserts, the new morsels flavors bring extra creativity to the kitchen. Combining colors, flavors and textures, these new baking ingredients could become a new Spring dessert tradition.

The Nestle Toll House Strawberries and Cream Flavored Morsels and More combine strawberry-flavored chunks with white morsels and graham cracker pieces. This ingredient is delicious on its own, eaten by the handful. But, it is quite exciting in a dessert. From a simple topping on some ice cream to folding it into a brownie, the options are almost limitless.

Also, the new Nestle Toll House Spring Easter Basket Morsels and More is about the sweet and salty flavor combination. The peanut butter flavored morsels with the pretzel sticks and colorful egg candies are the ultimate flavor experience. Just think of the Easter cakes that would benefit from this tasty topping.

Source: Nestle Toll House new flavors make Spring desserts even tastier