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Photograph: JP Karwacki / Time Out

Meetha is coming out swinging in Montreal’s Park-Ex with a menu of Indian flavours like mango rasmali and gulab jamun.

Last we checked, Montreal’s simply never tasted something like it: Meetha, an all-new South Asian ice cream and chai tea shop, has opened in the city’s Park-Ex neighbourhood and they’re packing a menu full of Indian flavours, with Bangladeshi and Pakistani flavours on the way.

Owners Deexit and Aakruti Patel started out in Montreal running the increasingly popular Indian street food and catering spot Tiffin. As first reported by Ivy Lerner-Frank for Eater Montreal, the Patels’ family’s Gujarati food traditions and annual visits to India influenced their aptitude and creativity in the kitchen. They’ve already gained more and more customers through Tiffin, but once they started to introduce ice cream cakes, it was all over.

This isn’t a shop selling kulfi, but a unique ice cream gem in the city: With all of their experimentation with an ice cream machine, they’ve put together a small but sturdy menu to start with Indian flavours like mango rasmali (a signature creation); one based on the fried milk cake gulab jamun; another with the flavours of falooda milkshake that includes basil seed and rose water; jalebi, the fried pretzel-looking sweets you’ll see in Indian restaurants; and a pistachio-cardamom flavour called elaichi pistai. They’ll be rolling out a chai flavour soon as well.

“It’s funny, Aakruti is lactose intolerant and I’m not really a dessert person,” Deexit told Time Out Monteal. Nevertheless, they’ve landed on a solid concept. Eventually they plan to offer vegan and lactose-free options.

Another complimentary aspect to the business is its chai shop, as they serve both chilled chai tea and ‘cutting chai’—half-cups of tea served in India by street hawkers and on trains in small trays of cups alongside India’s iconic Parle-G cookies—as well as falooda, a cold drink made by mixing rose syrup, vermicelli, and sweet basil seeds with milk.

If you count yourself among the Montrealers who haven’t dived into Indian desserts and sweets before, this is an excellent gateway. If you already have tried them, this is just as much of a great place to see those flavours reimagined.

Meetha is located at 787A de Liège Ouest in Parx-Ex, open Saturday and Sunday from 2pm to 8pm and Wednesday to Friday from 6pm to 8pm.

Source: Meetha, a new South Asian ice cream and chai tea shop, has opened in Montreal (VIDEO)