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Meat, fish & sea food flavour solutions for vegan applications

By November 22nd, 2019No Comments

As vegan foodstuffs grow in popularity, many innovative and delicious vegan food and beverages are launching into the marketplace. Although this segment is specially targeted for vegans, many consumers of all backgrounds and dietary habits are treading towards vegan dietary choices. The reason for this trend can be due to simple consumer curiosity and/or consumers choosing healthier food and beverage options.

Although non-vegan consumers are opting for vegan foodstuffs, they fully expect bold and familiar flavours during their dining experience. Examples of this include: non-dairy foods actually tasting of dairy, meat-free products actually tasting of meat and vegetal based spreads tasting of fish.

Novotaste has formulated Novosolutions that address these specific needs. These Novosolutions are free of meat, fish, dairy and allergens. They are widely used in various vegan and non-vegan applications to enhance flavour and make them complete.