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Earlier this month, we thought the greatest McDonald’s McFlurry ever had been invented when we saw that Biscoff McFlurries were a thing. I mean, it doesn’t get much better than that, now does it?

Well, apparently it does actually because we’ve just discovered that you can get a Birthday McFlurry and we’ve never laid our eyes on anything so beautiful in our entire lives.

Inspired by the flavours of a classic birthday cake and fairy bread (white bread covered with butter and hundreds and thousands), this wildly exciting McFlurry is made up of bite-sized pieces of custard pie, McDonald’s iconic soft serve ice cream, all topped with caramel sauce and multicoloured sprinkles.

Okay, so now comes the bad news… the Birthday McFlurry is only available in Australia.


The special edition McFlurry is back on the menu in Australia to celebrate its 50th birthday over there. It was teased earlier this week on Instagram.

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Amanda Nakad, McDonald’s Australia marketing manager, said: “Our new McFlurry flavour was inspired by iconic Aussie birthday party favourites to create a nostalgic and delicious dessert that will put everyone in the birthday spirit.

“New McFlurry flavours are always a hit with our customers, so we thought this would be a delicious way to continue our 50-year celebrations.

“In response to strong customer demand, we will also be reintroducing a much-loved and highly requested crowd favourite, the Custard Pie, giving Aussies even more reason to celebrate our 50-year milestone.”

Well at least we can still enjoy a Percy Pig McFlurry over here in the UK.

Source: McDonald’s McFlurry Flavours Now Include Birthday Cake With Custard Pie