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The lulo or narinjilla fruit is such an interesting fruit, because it not only has a unique but citrus-like look, but it also has a very refreshing flavour profile. This fruit is typically found in the North-West part of South America & is commonly used in a variety of dishes & beverages. When tasting this exotic fruit for the first time, people generally describe the taste as being a combination of citrus, strawberry, lime & rhubarb. While it is quite difficult to obtain the actual fruit in North America, some basic products containing some juice concentrate can be found in a variety of on-line stores. However, these products tend to negatively represent the actual profile of this great tasting fruit.

We have created a variety of “true-fruit” or flavours that closely resemble the profile of an actual lulo fruit. These flavour systems can be customized for most applications, so contact us for a sample of lulo flavour today!