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According to the International Wines and Spirits Record(IWSR) based in the United Kingdom, research for its 2019 “Low- and No-Alcohol Report” suggests the recent “Dry January” movement is a sign that health and wellness trends are “gaining traction across the world …” and “…providing new opportunities for the global beverage alcohol industry.”

If that statement seems like a paradox it isn’t for producers of low-alcohol or no-alcohol products.

Brandy Rand, President, IWSR, United States, says, “The rise in mindful drinking, along with health and wellness, is a trend that is here to stay. In order to quantify this growing space, our clients asked us to provide a global benchmark for low-and no-alcohol in order to define the opportunities and understand the underlying consumer motivations.”

The resulting IWSR report claims that in the U.S. 52% of adults who drink alcohol are either trying now or have tried before to reduce their alcohol intake. The report indicates, however, “…at present, the low- and no-alcohol sector is poorly served, with few clear category leaders…in the U.K., for instance, low/no alcohol brands represent only 1.3% of the country’s total beverage alcohol market. In the U.S., that number is even smaller, at 0.5%.”

You might ask, if people want to drink alcohol-free products, why not go for soft drinks?

The answer is: They like the taste of beer, wine and spirits, not necessarily in that order. 

For this report, IWSR surveyed bars and restaurants worldwide. They found most bars that offered non-alcoholic beer did not offer non-alcoholic wine. The report also states that the low-alcohol beer category shrinks while the non-alcoholic beer category grows. Surprisingly, the study indicates retailers offer “significantly more selection of low- and no-alcohol products than bars and restaurants.” Could that be a reflection of bartender ambivalence to no/low-alcohol products?

Source: Low- And No-Alcohol Beverages Are A Growing Trend Worldwide, Says New Report