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KP Snacks has added a new variant to its hand-cooked crisps brand Tyrrells, with the launch of the British Beef & Ale flavour.

Available from 30 August, the new product will be available in 40g single packs (RRP £0.85). The brand highlighted that consumer preference for meaty flavours in crisps and snacks is growing, and the new product looks to tap into this trend and fill the current flavour gap in the Tyrrells core range.

Beth Minch, Marketing Manager at Tyrrells, noted: “We are really excited about introducing Tyrrells British Beef and Ale to our core range as we know it’s those bold meaty flavours that consumers are looking for right now. By combining the popular flavour with our well-loved brand, consumers can feel like they are in the pub anytime and anywhere!”

With a £55.4m RSV and growing at +10.2%, Tyrrells’ products are currently purchased by over 5.5m households, with its main shoppers falling within the 45yr+ ABC1 category.

Source: KP Snacks Unveils New Tyrrells Flavour | KamCity