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When fried chicken just isn’t enough to satisfy your cravings.

Earlier this month, KFC Japan had our mouths watering with the news that it would be releasing a limited-time Chicken Fillet and Menchi Katsu Sandwich

Menchi katsu, or “minced meat cutlet’ is a breaded and deep-fried patty that’s incredibly popular in Japan, but what on earth would a KFC version taste like? It’s a thought that’s been nagging us until yesterday, when the new item was released and we were finally able to get in line and order it from the smiling colonel.

▼ The new sandwich is priced at 490 yen (US$4.34).

The box the burger came in was surprisingly tall, and when we opened it up, we could see it needed that height to cover the gorgeous tower of buns and fried meat that lay inside.

With its buns shining in the light and the thick menchi katsu sitting neatly atop an equally thick KFC fried chicken fillet, this was a picture-perfect sandwich. Lifting the top bun revealed a generous dollop of special mayo, which contains a blend of coarsely ground mustard, garlic, and pepper.

At the bottom, beneath the chicken fillet, was another layer of special mayo, ensuring that both fried meat patties were equally kissed with an even amount of seasoning.

Source: KFC puts its own spin on Japanese flavours with the new Katsu and Fillet Burger | SoraNews24 -Japan News-