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Kerry (Beloit, WI) released its annual Global Taste Charts for 2021 featuring flavors and ingredients that will inspire innovation and taste excellence globally, from North America, Europe, and Latin America, to Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa.

“Our Kerry 2021 Global Taste Charts provide customers with a concise, insightful guide on trending global consumer taste preferences,” said Leigh Anne Vaughan, global strategic marketing director, taste, in a press release. “The charts are an excellent resource to help navigate a pandemic-influenced consumer world in 2021—one that is experiencing not only a renaissance of traditional comforting tastes and flavors, but also a heightened push for new taste innovations that nod to adventure as well as familiarity. Next year will be a challenging one for food and beverage developers, and Kerry’s Taste Charts are available to help the industry steer a course to success during this time of great change.”

The pandemic resurged familiar and nostalgic tastes, which is anticipated to continue in 2021 as people seek comfort from their food and beverages. Classic desserts such as brownie, s’mores, and custard are featured as flavors in different categories, including those in the “sweet” and “beverage” (dairy & hot) charts.

“Our global team of Kerry Insights and Taste experts have provided valuable insights on mainstream, key, up and coming, and emerging flavors and ingredients from around the world,” said Souma Nair, director of marketing insights, North America, in a press release. “This expert perspective into the flavors and ingredients shaping the industry—across the sweet, beverage, savory, and salty snack categories—helps Kerry’s customers craft a clear, research-backed roadmap for creating new products, or revitalizing existing choices in ways that will delight, surprise and excite consumers.”

Source: Kerry released its 2021 Global Taste Charts