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Even better: Place an order of $65 or more at from now through Sunday, Nov. 14 and shipping is free. Jeni’s will even let you choose your week of delivery at checkout—so you can schedule a gift now for later and beat the gifting rush.

Available for nationwide shipping at, at Jeni’s scoop shops across the country and in select grocery stores, the five flavors are the scoopable cheer we all deserve after another very long year.

The descriptions alone are smile-inducing:

  • White Chocolate Peppermint—A swirl of pink and white peppermint with white chocolate freckles.
  • Cognac with Gingerbread—Swanky Cognac cream, dark caramel sauce and spiced gingerbread cake. (Notice how it’s Cognac with gingerbread, and not the other way around.)
  • Sugar Plum—Amaretti cookies, puckery plum jam and plum wine sweet cream.
  • Pistachio Macaron—Pure, roasted pistachio cream with a savory finish and mystical, meringue-like honey texture.
  • Mexican Hot Chocolate—Velvety, rich, mouth-tingling milk chocolate spiked with cinnamon and cayenne. The very definition of sweet heat—and the flavor that inspired Jeni to make ice cream.

“This time of year I like to say we’ve done the work for you. We’ve spent months baking, roasting, chopping and churning the most delicious ingredients we can find into memorable flavors worth sharing,” said Jeni’s founder Jeni Britton. “They’re made with my style of entertaining in mind—low-lift, high-impact. As in, open a pint and serve the ice cream in a fancy coupe. That’s it! A few, voluptuous bites are all you really need at the end of a big meal or holiday party.”

To get a little more up close and personal with Jeni’s holiday offerings, you can shop a digital version of their 2021 holiday catalog here. Or browse their holiday collections online to find the flavors for everyone on your gift list.

Source: Jeni’s New Holiday Flavors Are Here To Put The “Extra” In The Season