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Last Updated on October 26, 2020 by Novotaste

Jack In The Box via CNN Newsource

Face masks have been the necessary fashion accessory of 2020, and the latest trend is adding another dimension to them. That would be the sense of smell, which as it happens, can disappear as a symptom of having COVID-19.

First, there was a face covering that looked and smelled like bacon. Now, the new custom mask from Jack In The Box can not only help protect you from the pandemic, it has the benefit of smelling like fried chicken. It’s also a promotion for the fast food burger chain’s new chicken sandwich. Or perhaps it is better to refer to the new offering as an un-chicken sandwich, since it is plant-based.

The mask is decorated with the new sandwich, smiley faces, and the Jack In The Box logo. The free face covering will be available on the chain’s website at no cost starting Friday while supplies last.

Source: Jack In The Box giving away chicken-scented masks

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