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VOSA Spirits, LLC was created to change consumers’ drinking habits. Brought to life by a team of people with a diverse set of skills and expertise who sought to raise the bar in the market of hard seltzer and canned cocktail drinks. Over the last five years, consumers around America have purchased malt-based hard seltzers (that derive their alcohol from fermented cane sugar) at rapidly increasing rates. The “hard seltzer” phenomenon started to gain momentum when large companies looked to diversify their product offerings away from beer. Malt-based seltzers allowed these companies to use their beer supply chains to attempt the taste of a cocktail in a can. In the process, these companies have acquired and scaled new brands at a breakneck pace leaving a significant gap in the market for products that use real spirits as their alcohol base. It was in this gap that VOSA “Spirit Soda” was born. The brand coined the term to match the simplicity with which they’ve paired vodka with soda to create a new premium drink.

VOSA sparkling spirit soda cocktail launches with two all-natural flavors: lemon & cranberry

As the spirit-based industry began to “trend,” one thing that was critical to the VOSA team was not only the high quality of the drinks they crafted but the superior taste. For VOSA, this meant pairing products with clean, natural ingredients and simple, high-quality formulation. The company’s flagship flavors, lemon & cranberry, meet the health-conscious needs of the consumer, with only 99 calories, 0g of sugar, 0 carbs, and all natural flavors. In addition, VOSA uses 6x times distilled, premium gluten-free vodka in their vodka sodas, encouraging their consumers to set a new standard within the ready-to-drink realm. At 5% ABV, VOSA offers consumers a product of the highest quality without compromising taste or nutrition. With the term “the new classic” being at the forefront of the brand, VOSA aims to become the consumer’s new favorite product within both malt and spirit-based industries.

In addition to giving consumers classic and timeless flavor options, VOSA will also release new and innovative flavors. They aim to grab hold of a generational drinking trend and push the boundaries of flavor combination and classic tastes.

VOSA makes its U.S. launch at the Sports Illustrated swim show Saturday, July 10th at the Mondrian Hotel Miami Beach, inaugurating the official partnership between the hotel and the new ultra-premium vodka-infused “spirit soda” sparkling cocktail.

More than 1000 guests attended the star-studded event with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit supermodelJasmine Sanders opening the runway followed by Natalie Mariduena,Kathy JacobsBrooks Naderand Katrina Scott. Spotted at the event were celebrities such as TikToker Jade Kircus, actressJena Sims, TV personality Nicole Williams EnglishMarcel Katz a.k.a The Art PlugTaylor Morland, models CJ Gibson & Taylor Morland, NFL’s Wes SaundersDuke Riley, & Olumide Ogunjobi and others were seen enjoying this very unique sparkling cocktail.

VOSA is now distributed up and down the East Coast from New York to Miami and will be launching on the West Coast in Autumn 2021.

VOSA sets itself apart from other libations within this category by using all ultra-premium ingredients and natural flavors. VOSA “spirit soda” uses 6X distilled charcoal filtered vodka, giving it a very clean, light, and refreshing taste, versus using a fermented sugar cane liquor base, used by traditional hard seltzer brands. VOSA only has 99 calories, zero sugars, zero carbs, and is gluten-free! The product was a real hit with the Sports Illustrated models.

VOSA is set to launch into New York and Florida throughout the month of July. You can find both lemon and cranberry VOSA flavors in four-packs or single, 12-ounce cans. Register to be among the first notified of VOSA product releases and company expansions at, and follow along the journey on Instagram @vosaspirits. | @vosaspirits

Source: Introducing VOSA: The Ultimate Alternative to Malt-Based Hard Seltzer | Markets Insider