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Franzia®, the world’s largest wine brand by volume announced today the launch of Franzia Refreshers, a new line of slightly sweet varietal wines blended with natural fruit flavors. The new line extension meets consumer demand for wines with lower calories and alcohol. Available in the fastest growing wine format, 3L boxes2, the Franzia Refreshers portfolio includes Peach Moscato, Tropical Pinot Grigio, Strawberry Rosé, and Wild Berry Moscato.

Flavored Wine is up +47% in the past year, nearly eclipsing $600M in sales3. Franzia Refreshers leverages this trend while offering a sessionable wine that is 6.5% alcohol by volume with lower calories, carbohydrates, and sugar compared to other leading fruit-flavored wines. For a 5oz serving, Franzia Refreshers have only 75 calories — 25% to 45% less than leading fruit-flavored wines and 25% less than the average leading hard seltzer4 – as well as 8g of carbohydrates and 6g of sugar.

“Franzia was the first nationally distributed wine in a box, and we are always exploring new ways to build upon this legacy of innovation. Today, Franzia enters the fruit-flavored wine category with Franzia Refreshers, setting itself apart with lower alcohol, calories, and carbohydrates versus the competition as we continue our focus on innovation and maintain our leadership in the boxed wine space,” said Jeff Dubiel, Chief Marketing Officer at Franzia’s parent company, The Wine Group. “As one of the only brands bringing together both fruit flavored varietal wines and lower-alcohol and lower-calories in our signature boxed wine format, we’re anticipating Franzia Refreshers will become a go-to selection for new wine and beverage alcohol consumers.”

Just in time for summer celebrations and occasions, Franzia Refreshers are available nationwide with a suggested retail price of $15. To learn more about Franzia Refreshers and the brand’s other award-winning wines, visit the Franzia website at

Source: Introducing Franzia Refreshers New Varietal Wines Blended With Natural Fruit Flavors