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Amul introduces a new flavour, and netizens are in shock. Take a look at their reactins, which are attached below.

Everyone enjoys ice cream, and many companies are introducing new flavors and varieties. Amul, which has always been known for its quality dairy products, recently introduced a new ice cream flavour. Amul’s new flavour is Isabgol with Kaju and Anjir.
The Isabgol flavour was deemed unusual for an ice cream launch by internet users. It was amusing to them because isabgol is commonly used to relieve constipation and aid digestion.

It is difficult to survive in this competitive industry because everyone launches something unique and different, but the success of any product is dependent on the reaction of the people.

Netizens did not find the product’s flavor appealing, which is the first thing people look for when they want to eat ice cream. They’ve mocked the new flavour, and their hilarious tweets are worth reading.

One user even commented, “Thanks BUT NO THANKS! Why on earth would I have Isabgol in my icecream? @Amul_Coop

Source: Internet says ‘thanks but no thanks’ to Amul for its new isabgol-flavour icecream