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2022 Flavour Trends | A Complete Guide | Exclusive NPD Edition

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The exclusive NPD edition of Novotaste's 2022 flavour trends, can be obtained by filling out the form below. Enter information in the required fields & we will e-mail you the…

Have a weekend breakfast experience with a bacon, egg & hash brown flavour | 100% natural, kosher & vegan

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Breakfast continues to trend in various forms. In restaurants, it is increasingly being offered throughout the day or specific breakfast items are being incorporated into dishes or as appetizers. This…

How to make your products taste & smell like authentic gin

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Gin is still trending upwards "From gin tastings to gin distillery tours and even gin and tonic tea bags – gin is undeniably popular. The stats don’t lie: In 2017…

2021 Flavor Trends | A Comprehensive Overview

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Welcome to the Novotaste Flavour Trends Guide to 2021! As a company that interacts and serves every segment of the food industry, Novotaste is constantly exposed to the latest, most…

2020 Flavor Trends: A Comprehensive Overview

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The Novotaste comprehensive overview of 2020 flavour trends is a distillation of various sources of information. This includes the analysis of thousands of articles, 2019 NPD launches, current trendy flavours,…

What is pumpkin spice?

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We continue to see new foods, beverages, cosmetics, perfumes & variety of other products that are either flavoured/scented with "pumpkin spices", "pumpkin spice", "pumpkin & spices" or "pumpkin pie". Whats…

Wine-inspired flavours

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For many, there is little more satisfying than the perfect glass of wine. Wines are unique in their diversity, complexity and nuances, intricately drawing character from an array of ingredients,…

Ever taste a pink, orange, purple or blue apple?

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Globalisation has made it easier for many of us to enjoy new & exotic fruits. Novotaste can recreate flavour solutions corresponding to these fruits & also formulate flavours representing new…

The flavours of love

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Valentine's day is a time to be romantic & possibly indulge in some sinful food & beverages. To commemorate the occasion, the Novotaste flavour team has come up with a…

2019 Flavor trends

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During the course of the last four months of 2018, we started compiling a list of flavours that were becoming trendy or simply remaining popular. We based ourselves on several…

Trendy flavors for Christmas

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As we edge closer towards next year, the Novotaste team has come up with three categories of flavours for Christmas, New Years & the cold winter months that follow. The…

A fatty taste WITHOUT fat or calories

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When it comes to food and beverage in this modern and innovative era, consumers want it all, don’t they ? Delicious beverages with sweet, bold and well-rounded flavours – “I…

Prohibition: Flavour solutions for mocktails, alcohol, CBD beverages & various food applications

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That’s right, the Prohibition Era is back and it is just getting started. Market trends are clearly indicating that both boomer and millennial consumers are not only accepting the resurgence…

2018 Flavour, food & beverage trends you can’t ignore for the summer

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The Novotaste website is constantly updated with recent flavour, food & beverage trend articles from a variety of different sources. We have compiled a summary list that summarizes the trends…

2018 Flavor Trends: A Comprehensive Overview

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With 2018 nearly upon us, it is time to look ahead at the global flavor trends that are set to dominate the new year.   Flavor Trends Over the past…

Mocktails Served Right: Flavor systems can give your mocktails the authenticity they need…and make them taste like the real thing

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Mocktails – alcohol-free cocktails – are one of the latest crazes to hit the beverage world. In tune with a growing tendency towards moderation and sobriety amongst consumers, mocktails offer…

Reduce butter & sugar with our butter-sweetness enhancer

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Novotaste can customize flavour systems for your applications with our commercially proven products and methods that will help you either reduce butter & sugar in your formulations . These customized…

The world’s most expensive spice – Novotaste has a cheaper alternative

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The spice saffron, as well as being famously expensive, is packed with antioxidants. It is said to help combat depression and lower blood pressure, to soften your skin and hair…

Novotaste’s extensive flavour library

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1 -Novotaste maintains an extensive library of winning flavours, covering all categories. 2 -Flavors designed for specific applications, such as baking, beverages, frozen foods, dairy etc... 3 -Flavors can be…

Ingredient cost reduction solutions

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Ingredient costs can decreased by using specifically formulated flavours solutions. They can be applied to decrease amounts of ingredients required to achieve specific taste profiles.

Customized Beverage Formulations

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Aged Spirit & Wine Flavour Systems

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Utilizing alcohol in applications is not always possible & cost effective. The solution to this problem is to use Novotaste’s range of customizable non-alcoholic wine, spirit & liquor flavours. Enhance…

Other Essential Oil Solutions

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When it comes to essential oils, you have to be careful with the declarations. They can often be misleading & taken advantage of by dishonest vendors. To properly be able…

Crop calendar for essential oils

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*locations of crops in calendar does not necessarily represent the locations of Novotaste essential oils

Sugar Reduction Solutions

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Sugar serves many functions in foods & beverages, such as affecting the mouth-feel, texture & flavour perception. Similar to salt, sugar acts as a powerful flavour enhancer. A perfect example…

Flavour Q&A

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Are Natural Flavours & Ingredients more Healthy than their Artificial Counterparts? There are no significant differences between artificial & natural chemicals besides their production methods, isotope ratios & price. Natural ingredients, by…

Adding Value Through the Use of Essential Oils

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Aside from their use in aroma and flavour, there exists some research on added benefits of certain essential oils.  The uses of essential oils are far reaching encompassing aspects of…

Flavour descriptors

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A flavour descriptor can be used to describe most flavour profiles & odours. This serves as a very useful tool that can be used to communicate with our R&D team.…

Flavours & your health

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Flavours, essential oils, aromatics & other ingredients are typically found on food labels in various food products. The public is generally not informed on the functionality & general specifications of…

Guidelines for applying flavour to your application

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1. Flavour Facts Approximately 90% of taste is smell. So, when your nose is blocked, smell perception is diminished. Taste is a combination of sensations (sweet, sour, salty, bitter &…

Yeast extracts

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What are Yeast Extracts? Yeast extract is the general term to refer to various varieties of processed yeast that is formed by extracting the contents of yeast cells.   The disintegration…

Common Salt Reduction Strategies

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A huge challenge of the food industry is to effectively reduce sodium without negatively impacting the taste or functionality imparted by sodium.  Many sodium alternatives are available, however most of…