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As the world becomes more conscious of what they feed their minds and bodies, cannabis filled ingestibles with the artificial sugars and flavorings that litter the shelves are being passed over for healthier and better tasting products. Future food and wellness brand IDENTITY introduces the very first non-dairy CBD-infused creamer to market, combining organic, natural ingredients from Norway with high level science. The exceptionally delicious creamers will change the game for those wanting to insert CBD into their wellness routine but are discouraged by the aftertaste that edibles without their sugary coating. Key benefits of the IDENTITY’s CBD creamer include:

  • Available in a variety of delicious flavors including honey, vanilla, coconut, and cacao flavors to personalize your coffee, tea or morning beverage based on preference
  • Dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free, made with no artificial sweeteners, no THC, and third party tested
  • Easy to carry, multifunctional and ready to mix into your favorite coffee, tea, protein shakes, smoothies, dips and baked goods

IDENTITY founder Rune Sydengen fell seriously ill and as a part of his recovery, found pure, natural products including CBD that was instrumental in helping him return to health again. With a passion for spreading his awareness, Rune founded the brand with the desire to provide these products to others, prioritizing health and wellness for happier and more productive lives.

Across their product range, IDENTITY sources the finest CBD grown in Oregon and Colorado using organic methods. The brand’s food products are made through Norway’s sustainable agriculture. The country’s pure nature along with small-scale, circular farming methods create a perfect condition for animals and plants to thrive in, ensuring top quality and safe ingredients. IDENTITY’s proprietary supplements are blended with CBD in the IDENTITY mixing lab located on their family-owned farm in Oregon. Their team of mixologists, food scientists and farmers have decades of experience, resulting in a new line of CBD products that both taste great and support overall wellness.

Sold to international distribution and available at, IDENTITY recently launched their easy and commitment-free affiliate program, as they look to partners to help to spread the word of their mission and exceptional offerings. Whether an influencer, fitness trainer, nutritionist or someone looking to expand your revenue, the brand would love to partner with like-minded people to promote their line of unique and innovative products.

Source: Identity Introduces New Flavors of All Natural Vegan CBD Coffee Creamers | NOSH