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An ice cream entrepreneur who’s got a taste for history has created a new flavor in honor of Black History month.

Mikey Cole, the founder of “Mikey Likes It Ice Cream” with locations in Harlem and on the Lower East Side, spoke with NY1 Saturday morning about the flavor, The Distinguished Gentleman. It consists of fresh strawberry ice cream, chocolate creme de menthe pieces and a fresh strawberry swirl. The flavor also has rich some history behind it. He said it’s named after Augustus Jackson.

“He actually invented strawberry ice cream and mint ice cream,” Cole said. “He was a chef in the White House in the 1820s and he left to start his own business. He actually gave the trade secrets to the bigger ice cream companies that we know today.”

Cole said he first got into ice cream making because of his late aunt, who took him to cooking classes when he was younger. After she passed, he found a vanilla ice cream recipe in one of her cook books and began tinkering with the recipe.

He said, “That’s actually the base that makes all of our dairy ice creams now.”

The Distinguished Gentleman and other flavors are available at both “Mikey Likes It Ice Cream” locations.

Source: Ice Cream Entrepreneur Creates New Flavor for Black History Month