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While developing pineberry flavour profiles, the Novotaste R&D team was inspired to formulate two concept flavours: guavaberry & mangoberry. These creations can be adapted to most applications & their specific notes can be customized to suit various demographics.

Pineberry flavour description: Initial evident red sweet strawberry flavour that has subtle pineapple fruit notes that appear. It is a mysterious & unique profile of mixed berries & tropical fruit.

Mangoberry flavour description: Sweet Mango (owais mango; Egyptian mango) profile with gentle berry notes that evolve over time (blackberry & red mixed berry). A truly harmonized blend of tropical and berry notes.

Guavaberry flavour description: Initial ripe sweet guava, with smooth lemon citrus notes & delicate floral fragrant berries.

What does a pineberry taste like?

Ever taste a pink, orange, purple or blue apple?