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Weekend breakfast flavour

Breakfast continues to trend in various forms. In restaurants, it is increasingly being offered throughout the day or specific breakfast items are being incorporated into dishes or as appetizers. This trend can also be seen seen in people’s homes. The reasoning for why this is happening is relatively straightforward.

Well, breakfast is mainly composed of comfort food, with associated positive memories & corresponding emotions. Many items, such as bacon, eggs & hash browns are also relatively easy to make. Since COVID, we have also been spending much more time at home. Researchers have concluded that breakfast is the ultimate ‘feel good food’ because it ticks all our sensory boxes (see article).

All this has inspired the Novotaste R&D team to create an all-in-one flavour solution that represents key components of a typical weekend breakfast. Our 100% natural, vegan & kosher bacon, eggs & hash brown flavour can be customized for most applications. Contact us for a sample today!

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