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Shop owner says the flavor leaves customer pleasantly surprised. Do you want to have good luck this 2021?

A dish in Pennsylvania could bring you that, and one ice cream shop in Harrisburg has scoops of it.

Urban Churn turned sauerkraut into one of its flavors for good luck this new year.

“You know, it is a perfect combination,” said Brackbill, “A lot of people think sauerkraut is disgusting, but when you do add it to the dairy, it just churns the dairy to buttermilk and gives it that nice creamy, tart vanilla flavor.”

Owner Adam Brackbill said the flavor leaves customers pleasantly surprised.

“They’re thinking something super crazy, but the science behind it just works,” said Brackbill.

Urban Churn is known for its unconventional flavors such as cucumber wasabi melon and kumquat balsamic.

The creamery will open on New Year’s Eve for online pre-orders. Here is a link to their website:

Available For Pick Up Starting December 29th. We’re back at it again! 3rd year and running, we’re offering Pre-Orders of our Nationally Popular ‘Sauerkraut Ice Cream’. This flavour has been aired and published on TV News Stations and Radio across the Country, as well as Blogs such as

Source: Harrisburg ice cream shop offers sauerkraut flavor for good luck in 2021 |