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  • GURU Guayusa Tropical Punch, a rich fruity organic plant-based energy drink offering sustained alertness
  • This drink provides Good Energy with only 50 calories per can, and is now available in most Quebec convenience and grocery stores
  • GURU Guayusa Tropical Punch is the second innovative product launch by GURU since listing on the TSX in November 2020

GURU Organic Energy Corp. (TSX: GURU) (“GURU” or the “Company”), Canada’s leading organic energy drink brand, is pleased to announce the addition of GURU Guayusa Tropical Punch (pronounced gwai-yoo-suh) to its growing, plant-based energy drink family. Inspired by the Jivaro people of Ecuador and concocted in Quebec, Canada, GURU Guayusa Tropical Punch is infused with natural and organic energy-boosting ingredients.

“Innovation is an integral part of our growth strategy. We are very excited by this new product launch, which is yet another step in solidifying our leadership position in the organic plant-based energy drink market,” said Carl Goyette, President and CEO of GURU. “Last year, we introduced Yerba Mate, and Matcha the year before, which both became top products in our lineup, driven by strong demand for their healthy, plant-based ingredients and delicious flavour profiles. We are now bringing in Guayusa Tropical Punch, which will complement our growing line of differentiated organic energy drinks that deliver good energy, and which has already garnered strong interest from our pre-launch activities.”

“As we go to battle against all the chemical energy drinks out there in the market, we are excited to bring this ancestral plant into our botanical product line-up,” said Luc Martin-Privat, Pharm.D – GURU Brewmaster and Vice President, R&D and Innovation. “As part of GURU’s mission to clean up the energy drink industry, we are constantly on the lookout for new energizing ingredients from around the world. Made with Guayusa, a superleaf with natural energy-boosting and antioxidant properties, and combined with the rich flavours of passion fruit, guava, jack fruit and a refreshing hint of clementine, our new GURU Guayusa Tropical Punch not only has a great taste, but also creates a smooth, balanced and sustained alertness with no peak and no crash.”

With Guayusa Tropical Punch, GURU has also introduced a new blend of all-natural sweeteners comprised of organic stevia and monk fruit to achieve a rounder taste, which combined with cane sugar, help reduce calories to only 50 calories per can, which is three times fewer calories and sugar than the competition.

Source: GURU Organic Energy Presents a New Natural Innovation: GURU Guayusa With Tropical Punch Flavour