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Fruity PEBBLES and Cocoa PEBBLES are celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2021, and after serving as inspiration for two new ice cream flavors back in January, The Flintstones‘ favorite cereal is taking a turn in the candy isle with new PEBBLES Bites in both Fruity PEBBLES and Cocoa PEBBLES flavors.

Created by Frankford Candy — an outfit also responsible for creations like Dunkin’ iced coffee-flavored jelly beans — PEBBLES Bites come in a special 10-ounce package made to directly resemble cereal boxes. Fruity PEBBLES bites consist of Fruity PEBBLES cereal pieces surrounded by white candy, while Cocoa PEBBLES bites feature original Cocoa PEBBLES covered with cocoa-flavored milk chocolate, bringing to mind images of malted milk balls.

“Consumers are looking for products that offer them a way to keep sweet treats on hand but in smaller sizes that allow them to indulge in moderation,” says Molly Jacobson, director of business development at Frankford Candy. “We developed our new PEBBLES Bites to give fans another way to enjoy their favorite cereal in a bite-sized candy form that is ideal for a quick snack or treat.”

If you’re looking to head to Bedrock with your snacking, Frankford Candy’s Fruity PEBBLES and Cocoa PEBBLES bites are both available at Five Below stores across the USA.

Source: Fruity PEBBLES & Cocoa PEBBLES Bites Candy | HYPEBEAST