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Last Updated on December 8, 2020 by Novotaste

Chutney in most Indian households has been moulded from being used as a preservation technique to an exciting dish with new and exotic flavours. A spoonful of chutney can add magic to the taste of even the most mundane or simple staple diet of lentil with vegetables and rice or chapati. The diverse identity of a schezwan chutney acts as a taste enhancer and motivates households to experiment with new dishes.

Tracing the Evolution of Chutneys:  
The chutney originated in India, in 500 BC, as a technique to preserve vegetables, much like pickling. With the advent of international trade, the process of chutney-making travelled quickly to countries in the Europe. The UK even adopted the technique to suit local tastes and weather conditions – fruits and vegetables were made into a chutney to use for the harsh winter season.

Commonly used ingredients were mangoes, fruits, onions and herbs. Major Grey’s Chutney was an iconic type created with mango, raisins, vinegar, lime juice, onion, tamarind extract, sweeteners and spices. Back in India, chutneys started evolving to different flavours like Saunth, which is commonly used in chaat preparations and the delicious Dhaniya and pudina chutney, commonly called the ‘green sandwich chutney’.Today, chutneys have evolved to one such versatile product category ‘Schezwan Chutney’, a Chinese flavour with a Desi tadka.

Ching’s Secret Schezwan Chutney
It is a category by itself and can be conveniently used as a dip, a spread and to cook. A pure vegetarian product, it is packed with rich flavours and made using the finest ingredients like authentic paprika in place of food colour to give it a natural colour and taste.

The chutney is versatile beyond just being a condiment. This tasty yet adaptable chutney adds a burst of flavours to your dishes and makes them sizzle with taste. You can use this rocket chutney with almost anything and everything, including dosa, paratha, vadapav, bhajiya, pakora, pasta, and more.

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