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Flavour solutions for vegan applications

By October 6th, 2017No Comments

The vegan segment of the global food and beverage industry is not only a trend; it is currently reshaping the very nature of the industry itself. The category sizes of meats and meat based products have been slowly decreasing over time due consumers’ alternative choices for vegan foodstuffs. Not only has the vegan market segment shown significant growth in recent years, analysts are forecasting that this is just the beginning.

While it has always been viewed as a healthy dietary choice, vegan foodstuffs have not always been perceived as a flavourful delight. In a traditional sense and for a fairly long time, consumers would be forced to make the choice of health over flavour when purchasing or consuming vegan foods. The landscape has now dramatically changed due to countless new ingredients and technologies that have been respectively introduced and formulated around vegan concepts. These new findings and available ingredients have enabled food manufacturers around the world to create a wide variety of vegan foods and beverages which are not only healthy, but also delicious.

Novotaste is no stranger to this segment. Our library has an arsenal of NOVOsolutions that are regularly used in the vegan industry in order to make sure that consumers do not sacrifice flavour when making their vegan choices. Our NOVOsolutions are specially designed to not only replace vegan derived ingredients such as dairy products, meat and fish, but to also enhance the overall flavour profiles in vegan foods.

NOVOsolutions for vegan applications

Realistic tasting & natural fruit flavours

Butter & sweetness enhancers

Essential oils & extracts as natural flavour alternatives

Trendy savoury flavours

Dairy-free cheese flavours

Natural seasoning & spice blend flavour solutions

Recent vegan trends