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Both OPTICAL ILLUSIONS #1 & 2 (below) are great examples of how easily our sense of sight can be fooled. These images are static, thus devoid of any movement. However, the more one looks at them, the more they seem to be dynamic & contain movement. Please note that OPTICAL ILLUSION #2 is more intense then the first. Similar to these optical illusions, our sense of taste & smell can also be fooled.

This illusion involves the background spiral pattern that will appear to be slowly spinning. Some people simply do not see much happening. Get close to properly see it move!

This second illusion becomes more intense as you focus on the Novotaste logo.

The articles below provide some good examples & explanations of how easily our taste buds & olfactory bulb can be tricked. Like most living beings, humans interact with each other & with the world in multisensory ways. We rarely just taste or smell something without taking the visuals, textures or sounds into account. While this might sound obvious, most people do not understand the degree by which we all can have sensory inputs affect how something tastes or smells.

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Augmented multisensory dining

As consumer expectations & general market trends evolve, some products are almost impossible to be made without the use of customized flavour systems. Whether its a meat flavoured vegan application or an allergen-free hazelnut application, our flavour solutions can help you formulate great tasting products that will give the illusion that problematic ingredients have actually been used. Get into contact with us to see how we can help you.

Multisensory flavours

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