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The explosive growth of fast casual has helped elevate pizza to new heights and has kept this exciting category on fire, priming menus across foodservice for innovation. Consumer acceptance of new flavors, textures, forms and blurred dayparts has expanded the menu opportunities for pizza even further.

Pizza can benefit from a strong connection to ingredient sourcing and history. Take cues from the success of burgers and tacos, as both grew in prominence from celebrating the story behind the food—elevating each from just a generic burger/taco to something much deeper.

Create a stronger emotional bond by taking your guests on a nostalgic, pizza-inspired culinary journey across America. Look to potential regional partnerships and/or develop limited-time offerings around an iconic food dish or trending menu features outside of the pizza category.

Multi-unit operators can make regional favorites available in all locations or just in units in that region/city. This serves a dual purpose: It entices your core customer with premium features and attracts new consumers who are searching out unique flavor experiences.

Ideas in action:

  • Windy City Works (Chicago): Olive oil, Chicago Italian beef, giardiniera, magic dust, minced garlic—Uno Pizzeria & Grill, based in Boston
  • Jack Stack Barbecue (Kansas City): Jack Stack barbecue sauce, Jack Stack pulled pork, cheddar, red onions, diced pickles—Jack Stack Barbecue, based in Kansas City, Mo.
  • Crab Dip (Maryland, Delaware and Washington, D.C.): Maryland crab dip, tomatoes, crabmeat, cheddar, Old Bay seasoning—Pie Five, based in Dallas
Try This:
  • Austin-inspired Longhorn Pizza (thick crust): Chopped brisket + smoky barbecue sauce + pepper Jack cheese + fried jalapeños
  • Nashville-inspired Hot Chicken (hand-tossed crust): Crispy Nashville chicken + spiced tomato sauce + fresh mozzarella + side of pickle juice for dipping crust
  • Minneapolis-inspired Tatonka Juicy Lucy (Detroit-style crust): Ground seasoned Buffalo + queso and brick cheese + bacon + caramelized onions

Pizza offers a safe point of entry with mainstream appeal—yet it’s positioned to step outside of traditional parameters. Here are 10 modern approaches that can propel pizza innovation.


Today, consumers expect the breakfast category to offer new flavors. Breakfast is wide open for interpretation and a springboard for innovation—so why not leverage brunch-style pizza? Trending global flavors, existing entrées and classic breakfast builds can all be turned into pizza-centric creations.

Breakfast Pizza: Rosemary oil, Yukon gold shreds, pancetta, red onion, fontina, runny egg
—Red Rabbit, Minneapolis
Breakfast Pizza: Shaved pancetta, ricotta, baby kale, caramelized onion, pesto hollandaise
—Pacific Standard Time, Chicago

Try This:
  • Shakshuka Pizza: Hatch chile/harissa tomato sauce + fresh spinach and bell peppers + feta crumbles + runny egg
  • Everything Bagel & Lox Pizza: Smoked salmon (topper) + blistered red onions + whipped chive mascarpone/cream cheese + fried capers + everything-bagel spice

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Source: Fired Up Pizza: 10 Flavor Builders – Flavor & The Menu

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