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Finlandia Vodka is pleased to announce a new expression, FINLANDIA BOTANICAL – a line of refreshing vodka-based spirits that combine the smoothness of Finlandia Vodka with the best Finnish nature can offer. The range combines the versatility and mixability of vodka with the craftsmanship of botanical infusions in a lower ABV format, meeting the growing demand for mindful sipping in casual get-togethers. Unlike traditional flavored vodkas, FINLANDIA BOTANICAL offers a light, refreshing taste, natural origins, and a perfect simple serve.

Presenting at 30% ABV FINLANDIA BOTANICAL is an exceptionally smooth, fresh-tasting spirit with no artificial flavors, is naturally gluten-free, contains no added sugars, no artificial sweeteners and is only 73 calories. The two infusions are presented in the classic Finlandia bottle inspired by fresh glacial water with a beautiful botanical label – ‘Cucumber & Mint’ and ‘Wildberry & Rose’ – combining Finlandia’s iconic purity and smoothness with the natural flavors of berries and fruit, and the fresh, crisp notes of botanicals.

“Boasting the best Finnish nature has to offer, FINLANDIA BOTANICAL combines the versatility and mixability of vodka with the craftsmanship of botanical infusions in a way previously only associated with gin,” says Pekka Pellinen, Finlandia Vodka Global Master Mixologist. “Sipped in a spritz, on the rocks, or with tonic, the new expression will invoke the dreamy night-less nights of the Finnish summer.”

Not just any summer: a Finnish summer. A summer where the sun never sets, the barley grows rapidly and the water flows unfiltered from ancient moraines. Finlandia Botanical now offers consumers an alternative to enjoy light and refreshing summer sipping all year long. It is the essence of summer in its purest form, captured in the Finlandia Botanical range.

Celebrate Finnish summer all year long with the FINLANDIA BOTANICALS rich natural essences and fragrant botanicals, which deliver a refreshing, pure and crisp taste experience. With zero sugar or artificial sweeteners, they will serve as a perfect base for straight-forward cocktails and are best enjoyed simply mixed with sparkling water, tonic, or lemonade. Finlandia Botanical Cucumber Mint and Wildberry Rose are available now in Colorado, Connecticut, Louisiana, Texas, and Washington, ahead of a larger roll out with a suggested retail price of $15.99.

Source: Finlandia Launches Two New Vodkas: Cucumber & Mint and Wildberry & Rose