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Now that the food trends for 2021 have been predicted, it only makes sense that spice trends would be soon to follow. In a world where spices and spice blends are ever-changing and constantly being used in new and different ways, it can be challenging to nail down exactly what will gain popularity as we speed ahead into the new year. However, according to Better Homes and Gardens, the spice trends for 2021 have been predicted and the results? Well, they’re pretty surprising, and definitely not what many people would have expected.

From exotic to comforting and even those with holistic properties, if nothing else, 2021 will prove to be an exciting and intriguing time in the world of spice use. Both savory chefs and pastry chefs are learning how to use spices in new and innovative ways and this was a process that started during 2020, but by 2021, they’ll be perfecting and even pushing the boundaries of the knowledge they’ve already acquired. As the new year comes around, these are the spices we can all look forward to seeing more of, on both local and international menus.


A comforting and familiar flavor, it’s predicted that this flavor, and this beverage, will be taken to new heights come the new year. The past year gave rise to the famous whipped coffee which made its way around social media and even into our own homes, becoming a trend that many in quarantine couldn’t seem to quit.

Now, it’s predicted that similar flavors will be seen in sweet treats such as ice cream and pastries, and perhaps even in a savory recipe or two. It could be said, though, that coffee never really lost its popularity in the first place, and that this is simply just a continued trend.

Black Lime

This is one that not many people have heard of and if they are, it’s not one they’re familiar with on a personal flavor level. The black lime is a fermented lime that’s popular in Middle Eastern cooking but is slowly starting to make its way into other cuisines and dishes.

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The flavor is similar to lime but much tangier and a little sweet, producing a naturally flawless balance that has already been seen in popular gin-based cocktails. This dry lime is bound to pick up speed on food menus as well since its flavor profile already lends itself well to so many popular dishes.


The first spice on the list with a long list of its own holistic benefits, ginger is wholly known for its help in aiding digestion and curving nausea. However, it’s also a spicy and sharp flavor when grated fresh, and produces a significant amount of spice and heat on the palate when served pickled.

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It also exudes anti-inflammatory properties which is why it became so popular in 2021 and while it was never off-trend, it’s predicted that ginger – and lemon – will be an ongoing trend into the new year, especially in hot drinks.

Garam Masala

An underrated spice for many, garam masala is a gem when it comes to both flavor and aromatic properties. This Indian spice blend is known mostly for its use in tikka masala and consists of cinnamon, cardamom, cumin, coriander, and pepper, giving off a warmth that’s unmistakable in any dish.

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Now, chefs are figuring out how to bring this same heat to things such as ice cream, blending sweet and spicy warmth in a way that’s never quite been seen before. As a whole, it’s anticipated that this spice will slowly work its way into other savory dishes, as well.


It seems like 2020 became the year that everyone discovered lavender, mostly due to its calming properties. As an aromatic, lavender oil can become a powerful opponent against anxiety and insomnia, and as a flavor, it can work its magic from the inside out with what many people believe to be natural anti-anxiety properties.

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The scent is pleasant and the flavor of lavender is floral and mild, which is why many believe that 2021 will give rise to the use of the herb in sweet dishes.


Another underrated spice, sumac has a beautiful flavor combination of citrus notes with a tangy undertone. It’s used commonly in salad dressings due to its ability to wake up the palate without being too overwhelming and was first seen throughout Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cooking.

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Za’atar, a spice blend that many people aren’t familiar with but should be, uses copious amounts of sumac and is commonly seen as a topping for crackers and the like. Sumac is anticipated to grow in popularity as more chefs use it to bring a level of zing to their dishes.

Source: Experts Weighed In On 2021’s Spice Flavor Trends, And The Predictions Are Mind-Blowing