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Doritos Dinamita Flamin Hot Queso flavored tortilla chips from Frito-Lay, photo provided by Doritos

The snack aisle is a getting a flavor upgrade. As zesty flavors have been the summer food trend, this newest snack innovation is taking a bold turn. Are you ready for Doritos Dinamita Flamin Hot Queso Flavored Tortilla Chips?

Doritos have long been a favorite Frito-Lay snack. Whether it is that classic nacho flavor or the craving for Cool Ranch, the tortilla chip snack seems to be one that people continually crave.

While Doritos had brought back the 3D Doritos, the Doritos Dinamita is a different snacking experience. For those unfamiliar, this snack is a rolled tortilla chip. The crunch tends to be bigger because of the rolled texture.

Offered in a Chili Lime, the flavor is bold. Although that touch of lime helps to add a little refreshment, the flavor tends to lean more towards the extreme. It is definitely not for the snack fan who prefers a more mild flavor.

How is Doritos Dinamita Flamin Hot Queso a game changer?

The newest flavor is a first for this Frito-Lay product line. For the first time ever, the Flamin Hot flavor is coming to Doritos Dinamita. While the chili lime flavor was bold, Flamin Hot is a whole other entity.

Combining the Flamin Hot with a queso flavor is quite interesting. While there is a spiciness, the queso note adds balance. It is the flavor that keeps bringing you back to the boldness. And, there is no concern about potentially spilling dip on your shirt with these snacks. All the flavor is rolled up into that chip, no queso dipping worries.

The new Doritos Dinamita Flamin Hot Queso comes right after Doritos added Doritos Tangy Ranch and the return of Doritos Tangy Pickle. In some ways, these new snack offerings seem to suggest a flavor trend.

Source: Doritos Dinamita Flamin Hot Queso is a bold flavor adventure