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After nearly two years since its launch, the fruity, fizzy, slightly spiced and gutsy Boston-based probiotic soda brand, Culture Pop, released two new flavors this month – Lemon Lime & Cardamom and Strawberry & Rhubarb. They are both available online on the brand’s website and are rolling out to stores throughout this spring and summer. As many became fans of the better-for-you, vibrantly branded 12-ounce soda, the demand for the probiotic drink created the support to expand the product line and produce flavors that tend to bring in mass appeal, while still maintaining the brand’s unique approach.

“Our existing flavors range in taste from what we call ‘crushable’ to ‘complex’ and every single person you ask will list a different favorite of theirs.” says Culture Pop Marketing Director, Naomi Kliger. “We are especially excited about these two new flavors joining the line-up, which lean towards the ‘crushable’ end, and we expect a large number of people to discover the brand through one of these two flavors.” Lemon Lime & Cardamom utilizes organic kaffir lime leaves in addition to the organic fruit juices to push the lime profile further, with underlying hints of cardamom to keep things interesting. Strawberry & Rhubarb is exactly how it sounds – well-balanced strawberry sweetness with subtly tart rhubarb notes, plus a dash of cardamom in there as well.

Following his success as the co-founder of Nantucket Nectars, Founder and CEO Tom First knew he wanted to go the extra mile to craft a product that was authentic; using only high-quality ingredients, Culture Pop is made with live probiotics, organic juices, no artificial sweeteners, stevia, or refined sugar and organic ground spices, packing the punch of unique flavor without the high-sugar levels of traditional soda. Culture Pop is thoughtfully crafted through a long process of steeping the juice and spices together as one would with a bag of tea, but on a much larger scale to provide consumers with a healthier beverage that never skimps on freshness or flavor.

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Source: Culture Pop Soda Releases Two New Fruity Flavors