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It’s jelly bean season and these creative Jelly Belly flavor combinations could have you re-thinking that classic candy. While Jelly Belly might be one of the most popular jelly beans brands, it is more than just a few flavors. In a way, that simple jelly bean holds a treasure of flavors waiting to be discovered.

Although many people like to know the best and worst jelly bean flavor lists, the reality is that jelly beans can be a fun food experiment. Similar to building the perfect recipe with a variety of ingredients, Jelly Belly flavors can be combined to make that ultimate treat.

Putting aside the Bean Boozled line that takes a leap of food faith when opening the box, a few jelly bean experts have put together a little cheat sheet to create the perfect Jelly Belly flavor combinations. From that berry smoothie to key lime pie, the recipes are many.

In many ways, all the Jelly Belly flavors can be transformed into almost any dessert, beverage or food. While there is a special recipe list, everyone can be inspired to find a new combination that isn’t on the list.

For cocktail drinkers, a manhattan or rob roy might take some big experimentation. Even though there are recipes for Micheladas, mimosas and other beverages, a few more cocktails can be added to the mix.

There is always room for some new flavors. Maybe there is a new blueberry latte waiting to be made. With 50 classic flavors and more than 100 flavors in total, the flavor combinations are almost limitless.

Jelly beans have become a classic candy. Although it is often associated with Easter, that candy isn’t limited to just one time of year the year. Maybe the Jelly Belly flavor combinations could keep a bowl on your table all year long.

Source: Creative Jelly Belly flavor combinations that deserve a second taste