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The trend of hybridization continues to feature prominently in indulgent product development, showcased in Taste of Nature’s (TON) latest partnership with Mars to unveil cotton candy and cookie dough varieties flavored like popular confectionery brands.

One cotton candy variety within the launch is designed to taste like a “handful of Skittles with a bold fruitiness”. Another takes inspiration from Mars’ Starburst candies, featuring popular cherry and strawberry flavor profiles.

Meanwhile, the newly introduced edible cookie dough innovations include creations made with crumbled Snickers, Twix and M&M’s, which come in bite-sized nuggets and spoonable versions.

The cookie doughs require no refrigeration and are egg-free and butter-free with heat-treated flour.

Confectionery highlights
In confectionery trends this year, gummies and candies NPD recorded a negative CAGR (2017 to 2022), according to Innova Market Insights. Deutschland, Austria, Confœderatio Helvetica (DACH) accounts for a 16% share of all gummies and candies cluster launches tracked across Europe

.Hybridization features prominently in confectionery NPD.

Lactose-free and gluten-free claims are on-trend. Vegan claims also have a steady presence, according to the market researcher.

Nutrients enriched formulas, organic offerings, fruit yogurt flavored editions, preparations crafted using botanical extracts such as mint oil, candies infused with medicinal ingredients such as ginger, foamed sweets, sweets with dry fruits and uniquely shaped sweets are a few factors influencing the gummy trend in the DACH region.

Vegan and free from ranges (additives) using herb extracts, natural ingredients, plant-based sweeteners and animal-shaped launches are also key in the region.

Rising concerns over high sugar intake and oral health hamper NPD in the lollipop category, while vitamin-enriched options infused with real fruit juice and recyclable packaging are aiding NPD. Marshmallows with a crispy wafer base or a filled center are fueling NPD in DACH.

According to Innova, launches for children lead the category. The leading flavors are fruit flavor, lemon, strawberry, orange, cherry and raspberry.

Source: Confectionery trends: Taste of Nature taps into hybridization trend with Starburst and Skittles cotton candy