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Coke Zero has a new look. (Coca Cola)

Coke Zero announced the launch of a new recipe and new packaging for Coca-Cola Zero Sugar on Tuesday.

The company said the revamped beverage, which was first introduced in 2005 and was reformulated in 2017 to taste more like regular Coca-Cola, still uses the same ingredients and the nutritional information hasn’t changed, but the flavors are “optimized” for “an even more iconic Coke taste.”

“In order to continue to drive growth of our diets and lights category, we must keep challenging ourselves to innovate and differentiate just as other iconic brands have done,” the company’s senior brand manager Natalia Suarez said. “The consumer landscape is always changing, which means we must evolve to stay ahead.”

Boasting zero sugar and zero calories, the item — already in stores in Europe and Latin America — will begin hitting shelves in the U.S. starting in July 2021, with full distribution in August.

The brand planned to celebrate the launch of the new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar at “Manhattanhenge” in New York City with a banner flying across the sky with a sign reading “Best Coke Ever?” followed by the unveil of the Coca-Cola Zero Sugar can.

Source: Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is rebranded with new taste, design