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Chapman’s Launches 2021 Holiday-Inspired Ice Cream Treats

Chapman’s is celebrating the 2021 holiday season with the launch of five holiday-inspired ice cream treats, including two new Kosher certified ice cream cones and bars alongside three returning seasonal fan-favourites.

New Holiday Moments Ice Cream Bars: From warm spiced cookies to crisp mint chocolate, the flavours of the brand’s new ice cream bars are reminiscent of old-fashioned Christmas baking. Available in a petite 55mL format, fans can choose between a gingerbread ice cream bar with a white icing ripple or a mint ice cream bar, both dipped in Chapman’s signature milk chocolate coating.

New Winter Cocoa Cone: Now you can enjoy your cocoa in a cone instead of a cup. The new cones feature a twist of creamy white chocolate and rich dark chocolate ice cream with a marshmallow flavoured centre, and topped with mini marshmallow flavoured rice crisps.

In addition to the new holiday treats, Chapman’s is welcoming back three of the brand’s most popular seasonal treats, including:

Peppermint Twist Ice Cream: A rich and creamy ice cream with a refreshing, and festive peppermint flavour filled with a chocolatey ripple and candy cane pieces.

Shortbread Ice Cream: Pieces of buttery shortbread cookies are combined with a smooth shortbread ice cream and topped off with a salty caramel ripple.

Peppermint Ice Cream Sandwich: Crunchy red and green rice crisps swirled in a minty green ice cream between two chocolate cookie wafers.

All the treats in Chapman’s 2021 holiday collection are peanut and nut free, so everyone can enjoy a worry-free holiday season.

Source: Chapman’s Launches 2021 Holiday-Inspired Ice Cream Treats – Canadify