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Seattle novelty company Archie McPhee sells mac and cheese candy canes, among other simulated flavours. (Archie McPhee)

Candy canes go with Christmas like ketchup and mac and cheese.

The traditional treat has come a long way from its original peppermint form, branching out to include cherry and even some soft drink flavours, but some retailers are taking it even further.

Archie McPhee, a Seattle-based novelty item seller, lists a wide range of non-traditional flavours that are making the rounds across the internet. Although, they may never dethrone the classic peppermint in terms of popularity.

Some of the alternative flavours include mac and cheese, bacon, pickle, ketchup, sardine, sour cream and onion, hot dog, and kale – all in the traditional cane candy form with coloured stripes.

What do you think? Would you brave a sardine-flavoured holiday sweet?

Source: Candy canes re-imagined: Twist on holiday treat may not delight all tastebuds – Oak Bay News