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According to the survey, chocolate was the top pick on average in the country, followed by vanilla chocolate and mint chocolate.

According to Narrative Research, of the 1,239 Canadians surveyed online between April 12 and 19, about 13% chose chocolate as their best taste. 11 percent went in vanilla.

The two beloved flavors were most favored by men and Quebec residents.

New Brunswick liked butterscotch the most, but was fifth overall on a scale.

At the end of the list is Moon Mist, a galaxy swirling combination of grape, banana and bubble gum flavors, which 1% of respondents chose as the best flavor. But for Nova Scotia, it was a bestseller.

The report also stated that Gen Z survey participants, including those aged 18-24, liked mint chocolate ice cream the most.

References to maple and butterscotch increased with age, but “the taste for cookies and cream-flavored ice cream diminishes with age.”

Other less-favored flavors included strawberries, mousse trucks (including vanilla and peanut butter), and napolitan (vanilla, chocolate, strawberries).

The survey also found that 5% of Canadians do not eat ice cream, while another 5% have no flavor preference.

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Source: Canadians choose chocolate as their favorite ice cream flavor, research says. – Eminetra Canada