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Fudge Kitchen’s butter pecan fudge, which was created at the Cambridge shop on King’s Place (Image: Fudge Kitchen)

Cambridge artisan fudge shop has unveiled a brand new look. Fudge Kitchen, on King’s Parade, is one of the firm’s six shops across the country and among the first to be transformed.

The firm has a bold new logo while its gift boxes are being printed in the UK in a bid to reduce its carbon footprint and ensure all packaging can be recycled. The outside of each product now has plant-based inks and water-based glues.

The confectioner has also switched to ethical chocolate supplier Luker Chocolate. In addition, it says internationally-grown cane sugar is being phased out in favour of beet sugar grown in Norfolk.

Fudge Kitchen commissioned branding agency Smith + Village for its new look & feel. It says each fudge box now features embossed script and a scattering of bronze foil to reflect the handmade gourmet fudge pieces found inside.

Managing director Sian Holt said: “The branding change initially came about as we wanted to align the personality of our six high street shops with the premium gifting positioning of our wholesale and ecommerce sides. As part of this review, we felt it was the perfect time to explore more sustainable packaging options, whilst maintaining the artisanal luxury that Fudge Kitchen is known for.”

Fudge Kitchen's shop in Cambridge
Fudge Kitchen’s shop in Cambridge (Image: Fudge Kitchen)

She added: “There aren’t many brands within the confectionery world that are producing a luxury product in luxury packaging, and yet also managing to operate in a sustainable way. People are still questioning the compatibility of the two, and it’s been a journey for us as a brand to ensure we strike the right balance”.

Packaging and website change was the first to be changed – followed by shop signs and staff uniforms. Fudge Kitchen has been in Cambridge since 1995.

The sweet treat is a melt-in-your-mouth buttery American-style penuche fudge, folded with pecans from local market Emerald Foods. The limited edition flavour was developed by the team in Cambridge and has already been rolled out across all stores as well as being available online.

Fudge Kitchen marketing manager Richard Parson said: “At Fudge Kitchen it was important for us to create a recognisable & consistent identity across all our channels and touchpoints, particularly our retail and online experiences. The pandemic gave us the time and opportunity to take stock and improve our customer service experience. We also underwent a complete range review, increasing our most popular product offerings & flavours.”

Source: Cambridge artisan fudge shop with limited edition flavours unveils new look – Cambridgeshire Live