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Photo courtesy of Tia Wines/BuzzBallz, LLC

Just months after unveiling the newest flavor, Chili Mango, BuzzBallz/Southern Champion, LLC keeps the flavor innovation coming with its newest addition to its brand portfolio ‒ BuzzBallz Chillers Eggnog. This decadent cocktail is rich in vanilla flavor with the familiar hints of cinnamon and nutmeg consumers would expect from an eggnog cocktail.

The seasonal demand for eggnog is undeniable. According to Nielsen, Americans spent $185 million on eggnog in 2019 alone. Due to high holiday demand, there has been lots of eggnog innovation from various brands such as desserts, coffee creamers, dairy-free options and more. However, what has not been widely attempted is single-serve eggnog cocktails. This drink is often a large format bottle, containing at least five servings.

So, the consumer who doesn’t plan to entertain, drink much, or commit to a whole carton or bottle of eggnog can now enjoy a BuzzBallz with just a few shakes and a pour.

These 187-mL cocktails came about after talks between the BuzzBallz sales team and several retail chains uncovered an interest in eggnog.

“We …had a few key chains ask if we could make one,” said Blair Casey, vice president of sales at BuzzBallz. “We thought it would be fun to come out with a seasonal flavor, and our [research and development] team did a great job on this eggnog flavor.”

A few of the chains that requested this flavor are Fred Meyer, H-E-B, Spec’s in Texas and Buc-ee’s.

Though this flavor is “only going into limited markets” this year, according to Merrilee Kick, CEO and founder of BuzzBallz, there is a large possibility this flavor will return next year with wider release.

“Expectations are high and I expect our demand to double or even triple …,” Casey said.

This is now the fourth cream-based cocktail in the BuzzBallz Chillers portfolio.

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Source: BuzzBallz Ushers in Holiday Spirit with New Seasonal Eggnog Flavor