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Spring is here, snow is finally melting & Easter is approaching. To celebrate this, the Novotaste flavour team has created a variety of flavours inspired by “sex on the beach”, but with an Easter twist. We call it “bunny on the beach”. 

These flavour profiles are unique, trendy & adaptable to most applications.

Bunny on the beach

Concord grape & pear melody with hints of vanilla, lavender, gin & gentle warmth

Bunny on the beach

Pineapple, plantain, yuzu with undertones of campari



Bunny on the beach

Honey melon, orange, with a hint of grenadine & mint



Bunny on the beach

Persian lime, pear essence, grenadine, maraschino cherry & orange bitters

Vimto releases mystery Starslush flavour for Easter

Ever taste a pink, orange, purple or blue apple?

Ethnic, International & fusionFlavour trends
March 20, 2023

Flavor innovations emerge from cultural combinations | Baking Business

Diaspora stories could lead to delightful taste trends in North America this year. Flavors also will play into consumers’ desire for products that are better for them and the planet.…
FlavourFood science
March 19, 2023

Are your strawberries bland? Pesticides could be to blame | ScienceDaily

Have you ever bitten into a plump, red strawberry, only to find it bland and watery? Certain pesticides might be responsible. A team reporting in ACS' Journal of Agricultural and Food…
March 19, 2023

Here’s Why Cacao Beans Taste Different In Every Country | Mashed

The taste of cacao can be earthy, bitter, nutty, or take on sweeter undertones, and this is determined by an environmental factor called terroir. Even separate regions within the same…
DairyFlavour trends
March 19, 2023

20 Strange Ice Cream Flavors You Need To Try Before You Die | Mashed

Ice cream is like a blank page for wondrous creativity to occur. There's seemingly no limit as to what ice cream confectioners will add to the cold treat, be it…
FlavourMeat, fish and seafood
March 17, 2023

Hormel Black Label Bacon smokes the competition for March Madness | Foodsided

While there might have been cheers when a missed shot scored bacon for a college basketball crowd, there is a different bacon that is ready to smoke the competition. The…
Essential oilsFlavour
March 17, 2023

13 Tips To Amplify The Flavors Of Roasted Garlic | Tasting Table

Poor man's treacle, nectar of the gods, stinking rose — no matter what they call garlic, one thing is certain: no one is indifferent to its flavor and aroma. But…
FlavourFood science
March 17, 2023

The Soaking Trick For Less Overpowering Onion Flavor | Mashed

Anyone who has sliced into a raw onion (or even been nearby when someone else does) knows that they have a spicy, pungent aroma and flavor that can literally make…
DairyFlavour trends
March 17, 2023

Tasting memories: the Spanish ice-creams serving a scoop of nostalgia | The Guardian

Irene Iborra tells tales with ice-cream and with a single lick she can summon up memories that send you spinning back to your childhood days. “When I opened Mamá Heladera…
Coffee and TeaFlavour trends
October 19, 2022

Starbucks’ Just Announced An All New At-Home Holiday Coffee Flavor

Starbucks So what is the new coffee variety competing with the holiday blend's old-fashioned maple and herb flavor and peppermint mocha's bright chocolate and mint taste? Well, if you have…
BakeryFlavour trends
October 19, 2022

Bringing South Asian flavors to the breakfast category | Food Business News

Mumbai native and business consultant Vishal Ramakrishnan created the brand in response to a rise in Eastern wellness ingredients such as turmeric, ghee, ashwagandha and chai in American diets. The…
Coffee and TeaFlavour
October 18, 2022

Coffee Mate Goes Nostalgic With New Toasted Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tarts Flavor

Nestle "Nostalgia is always a big deal, and right now it's '90s nostalgia that's having a big moment across pretty much every category imaginable and now, Coffee mate is getting…
Flavour trends
October 18, 2022

Mayver’s Releases New Limited Edition Peanut Butter Flavours!

Mayver’s are the Rolls Royce of peanut butter and they’ve just brought out two new limited-edition flavours. Let me introduce you to Manuka Peanut Butter and Berry Peanut Butter. The berry one has…
Beverage trendsCanadaFlavour trends
October 18, 2022

White Claw Surge Is Finally Available In Canada With Three New Flavours

White Claw Surge for sale in Florida. Right: Announcement of the new flavours. Joni Hanebutt | Dreamstime, @whiteclaw | Instagram The Surge line of seltzers introduces four new flavours: Blackberry, Blood Orange,…
Beverage trendsFlavour trends
October 17, 2022

Sorted Drinks launches three new summer flavours

A prebiotic-packed beverage made from 100 per cent natural ingredients, the new flavours of Sorted have been developed as a nod to Australian childhood soft-drink favourites – Coca-Cola, Lemon Squash/Solo…
ChocolateFlavour trends
October 17, 2022

Cadbury: mystery chocolate bar 1 and 2 flavours revealed

Cadbury revealed on Thursday 13 October that rhubarb & custard was the flavour for Mystery Bar One and blue raspberry slushie was the flavour for Mystery Bar Two. Read more…
Flavour trendsMultisensory
October 17, 2022

Japan Has Bleach Coke

In America we have things like Cherry Coke or Vanilla Coke, in Japan they now have Soul Blast Coke. This is a direct connection to Bleach and its Soul Reapers, though…
Flavour trends
October 17, 2022

Outlaw Launches Alcohol-Inspired, Natural Lip Balms In 5 Deliciously Imaginative Flavors

Outlaw's alcohol-inspired lip balm collection is a grown-up version of an everyday staple, bringing rambunctious flavor and personality to any ordinary daily grind. The lip balms are available in five…
October 14, 2022

3D-printed flavor-based cue has 100% success in aiding in memory recall, inspiring use in dementia | Food Ingredients 

"A recent study has explored the relationship between flavor and memory by using 3D-printed flavor-based cues. The participants recalled memories with and without tasting a flavor associated with the memory,…
Flavour trendsNOVOflavoursNovotaste
November 29, 2021

2022 Flavour Trends | A Complete Guide | Exclusive NPD Edition

The exclusive NPD edition of Novotaste's 2022 flavour trends, can be obtained by filling out the form below. Enter information in the required fields & we will e-mail you the…
Flavour trendsNOVOflavours
September 29, 2021

Have you ever tried a pineberry, mangoberry or guavaberry?

While developing pineberry flavour profiles, the Novotaste R&D team was inspired to formulate two concept flavours: guavaberry & mangoberry. These creations can be adapted to most applications & their specific…
Flavour trendsNOVOflavours
September 28, 2021

2022 Flavour Trends | A Complete Guide | Condensed Edition

Our extremely popular year-end review of 2022 flavour trends has finally arrived! This publication is unique, as it includes flavour trends from a variety of geographical locations, covers the full…
Flavour trendsNOVOflavours
September 7, 2021

What does a pineberry taste like?

Pineberries actually do exist. They look like albino strawberries or like photoshopped strawberries. They are very rare & the majority of commercially grown fruit are destined for high-end restaurants. As…
Ethnic, International & fusionFlavour trendsNOVOflavours
August 11, 2021

Pandan | The Vanilla of Asia

It’s often said that pandan is to Asia what vanilla is to the Western world. Though it does not taste like vanilla, but it can be used in similar applications…
Flavour trendsNOVOflavours
March 25, 2021

Allergen-free nutty flavour profiles

Allergies are a growing public health concern. The rate of food allergies among children has increased 18% from 1997 to 2007, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention…
Flavour trendsNOVOflavours
November 16, 2020

Brandy, cognac, whisky and bourbon inspired flavours for various applications

In a recent article, we gave some insight into the growing popularity of gin. In this week’s newsletter we explore the ever-trending whiskey and the emerging trend of brandy, the…
Flavour trendsNovotasteVegan
October 19, 2020

Have a weekend breakfast experience with a bacon, egg & hash brown flavour | 100% natural, kosher & vegan

Breakfast continues to trend in various forms. In restaurants, it is increasingly being offered throughout the day or specific breakfast items are being incorporated into dishes or as appetizers. This…
Flavour trendsNOVOflavours
October 16, 2020

Natural, vegan & kosher BACON flavours for everything & everyone

“Everything is better with bacon”, remarked Sara Perry in her recipe book of the same name. Whether or not you agree with her statement, there is no denying the raging…
Beverage trendsFlavour trendsNOVOflavoursNovotaste
October 6, 2020

How to make your products taste & smell like authentic gin

Gin is still trending upwards "From gin tastings to gin distillery tours and even gin and tonic tea bags – gin is undeniably popular. The stats don’t lie: In 2017…
Ethnic, International & fusionFlavour trendsNOVOflavours
September 8, 2020

Phở | Vietnam’s most popular flavour

At Novotaste, we understand the critical role of harmony in food science. The delicate yet elaborate interplay of flavouring compounds is undoubtedly an elusive art. Although every path to a…
Flavour trendsNovotaste
August 25, 2020

2021 Flavor Trends | A Comprehensive Overview

Welcome to the Novotaste Flavour Trends Guide to 2021! As a company that interacts and serves every segment of the food industry, Novotaste is constantly exposed to the latest, most…
June 30, 2020

Blue raspberry + golden berry

Due to the everlasting popularity of blue raspberry flavour, we decided to fuse its profile with the pseudo-tropical notes of the golden berry. It tastes great in beverages, confectionary &…
Ethnic, International & fusionNOVOflavours
June 28, 2020

The flavour of the mysterious Peruvian golden berry

The Physalis peruviana plant, which has its origin in Peru, grows a fruit. It has many regional names, but it is commonly referred to as a cape gooseberry, pichu berry…
June 23, 2020

Quebec lumberjack flavour?

If your looking for a unique, yet distinct taste, composed of popular French Canadian ingredients, then you want to sample our Quebec lumberjack flavour. Imagine a lumberjack foraging through a…
June 23, 2020

Blueberry-inspired flavours to celebrate St-Jean Baptiste Day

The Novotaste team wishes you Happy St-Jean Baptiste Day / l'équipe Novotaste vous souhaite une joyeuse fête de la Saint-Jean-Baptiste! In May 1870, a large fire destroyed two-thirds of the extensive Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean…
Ethnic, International & fusionNOVOflavours
April 23, 2020

Arabic Coffee: A Unique twist on a classic flavour

Over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world every day. It is a universally popular beverage that is consumed for its characteristic flavour & stimulant effect. However,…
Ethnic, International & fusionNOVOflavours
April 1, 2020

Garam masala adds a blast of rich, savoury flavour to any dish…beverage, confection…?

At Novotaste, we love food & flavour. As flavour producers, we have the privilege of working with everything the food industry has to offer. We get hands-on experience with the…
March 6, 2020

BLUE is TRENDING | Flavoured & coloured foods

Consumers are increasingly become more educated with regards to the foods & beverages they consume. This has fueled demand for natural ingredients, such as colours & flavours. The range of…
February 24, 2020

The mysterious popularity of birthday cake flavour

What does a birthday cake taste like? Well, it would only be normal to obtain a variety of answers, because not all all birthday cakes are made the same way.…
Essential oilsNOVOflavours
February 7, 2020

SCIENCE CONFIRMS that smelling rose improves quality of learning and sleep

A recent study (reference) has found that smelling the scent of rose improves the quality of learning experiences and can also help in sleeping better. So for Valentines day, giving…
January 23, 2020

The Best January 2020 Flavour, Food & Beverage Trends

Spicy things continue to be a really ‘hot’ trend...consumers are really leaning towards different, broader — jalapeno, habanero, ghost pepper — and really want to understand the depth and the…
January 10, 2020

Flavour illusions

Both OPTICAL ILLUSIONS #1 & 2 (below) are great examples of how easily our sense of sight can be fooled. These images are static, thus devoid of any movement. However,…
Flavour trendsNOVOflavoursNovotaste
November 18, 2019

2020 Flavor Trends: A Comprehensive Overview

The Novotaste comprehensive overview of 2020 flavour trends is a distillation of various sources of information. This includes the analysis of thousands of articles, 2019 NPD launches, current trendy flavours,…
Flavour trendsNOVOflavours
October 29, 2019

Trendy, Deconstructed & Reformulated Christmas Flavour Favourites

For this upcoming Christmas season, the Novotaste flavour team was inspired to do something a little different. Due to the increasing culinary trend of deconstructing recipes or dishes, we decided…
Flavour trendsNOVOflavours
October 24, 2019

Halloween-inspired flavours

To celebrate Halloween, the Novotaste flavour team has created 6 unique flavour profiles described below. Some of these are haunted variations of classic favourites, while others are  original creations. They…
October 15, 2019

Discover the unique taste of the novo hot pepper

Name: Novo hot pepper Country of origin: Canada Heat: Extreme Taste profile: Typical green notes, intense heat, with nuances of mango, maple, smoke, conifer &  a subtle cooling effect. Smell…
Ethnic, International & fusionFlavour trendsNOVOflavours
October 1, 2019

Saffron flavour pairings

Saffron is known to be the most expensive spice by weight, mainly due to the amount of work involved in its cultivation (see video below). It has been used to…
Flavour trendsNOVOflavours
September 16, 2019

Sneak-peek at 2020 flavor trends

At Novotaste, we pride ourselves in being aware of current & developing flavour trends. Our trends section, showcases a variety of up-to-date articles describing global food, beverage, coffee/tea & flavour…
Essential oilsFlavour trendsHealth and hygieneInterestingNOVOflavours
September 9, 2019

SCIENCE CONFIRMS that smelling LEMON/LAVENDER can make you feel slim & relaxed

A scientific study (reference) found that smelling a lemon scent can help you feel slim. The lemon's aroma was found to boost body image and improved self-esteem. Being exposed to…
Flavour trendsNOVOflavoursNovotaste
August 28, 2019

What is pumpkin spice?

We continue to see new foods, beverages, cosmetics, perfumes & variety of other products that are either flavoured/scented with "pumpkin spices", "pumpkin spice", "pumpkin & spices" or "pumpkin pie". Whats…
Flavour trendsNOVOflavours
July 9, 2019

Lemwi or Kimon?

So what kind of profile do you want for your application? Lemon & kiwi flavour combinations are limitless & can be customized to your exact needs. Kiwifruit is on trend…
Flavour trendsNOVOflavours
April 29, 2019

2019 Trendy Summer Flavours

The Novotaste flavour team recently got inspired by a post describing flavour trends for food & beverage applications. There were 9 general trends that consisted of berry, tropical, green, mushroom,…
Flavour trendsNOVOflavours
April 16, 2019

Bunny on the beach flavour?

Spring is here, snow is finally melting & Easter is approaching. To celebrate this, the Novotaste flavour team has created a variety of flavours inspired by "sex on the beach",…
Flavour trendsNOVOflavoursNovotaste
April 9, 2019

Wine-inspired flavours

For many, there is little more satisfying than the perfect glass of wine. Wines are unique in their diversity, complexity and nuances, intricately drawing character from an array of ingredients,…
FlavourFlavour trendsNOVOflavoursNovotaste
February 15, 2019

Ever taste a pink, orange, purple or blue apple?

Globalisation has made it easier for many of us to enjoy new & exotic fruits. Novotaste can recreate flavour solutions corresponding to these fruits & also formulate flavours representing new…
February 11, 2019

The flavours of love

Valentine's day is a time to be romantic & possibly indulge in some sinful food & beverages. To commemorate the occasion, the Novotaste flavour team has come up with a…
Flavour trendsNOVOflavoursNovotaste
January 16, 2019

2019 Flavor trends

During the course of the last four months of 2018, we started compiling a list of flavours that were becoming trendy or simply remaining popular. We based ourselves on several…
FlavourFlavour trendsNOVOflavours
September 16, 2018

Raspana or Banberry?

Flavour trendsNOVOflavoursNovotaste
August 29, 2018

Trendy flavors for Christmas

As we edge closer towards next year, the Novotaste team has come up with three categories of flavours for Christmas, New Years & the cold winter months that follow. The…
Flavour trendsNOVOflavours
July 19, 2018

Orple or apange?

So what kind of profile do you want for your application? Apple & orange flavour combinations are limitless & can be customized to your exact needs.
Flavour trendsNOVOflavoursNovotaste
July 16, 2018

A fatty taste WITHOUT fat or calories

When it comes to food and beverage in this modern and innovative era, consumers want it all, don’t they ? Delicious beverages with sweet, bold and well-rounded flavours – “I…
Beverage trendsFlavour trendsNovotaste
June 30, 2018

Prohibition: Flavour solutions for mocktails, alcohol, CBD beverages & various food applications

That’s right, the Prohibition Era is back and it is just getting started. Market trends are clearly indicating that both boomer and millennial consumers are not only accepting the resurgence…
May 15, 2018

Pineamelon or Waternapple?

Beverage trendsFlavour trendsFood trendsNOVOflavoursNovotaste
March 20, 2018

2018 Flavour, food & beverage trends you can’t ignore for the summer

The Novotaste website is constantly updated with recent flavour, food & beverage trend articles from a variety of different sources. We have compiled a summary list that summarizes the trends…
Flavour trendsNOVOflavours
March 6, 2018

Limed! Various lime flavour pairings

We recently posted an article describing new genetically modified limes that will eventually be sold in stores near you. You can identify these limes by their colorful mesocarps, but it is unclear how…
CannabisFlavour trendsNOVOflavoursNovotaste
December 13, 2017

2018 Flavor Trends: A Comprehensive Overview

With 2018 nearly upon us, it is time to look ahead at the global flavor trends that are set to dominate the new year.   Flavor Trends Over the past…
Beverage trendsFlavour trendsNOVOsolutionsNovotaste
December 5, 2017

Mocktails Served Right: Flavor systems can give your mocktails the authenticity they need…and make them taste like the real thing

Mocktails – alcohol-free cocktails – are one of the latest crazes to hit the beverage world. In tune with a growing tendency towards moderation and sobriety amongst consumers, mocktails offer…
October 1, 2017

Natural seasoning & spice blend flavour solutions

Do you want to enhance specific flavour notes, increase the flavour impact durability, replace costly ingredients or simply need to simply your ingredients statement? Our natural seasoning & spice blend…
October 1, 2017

Natural food-grade scents (edible scent)

Current market trends include using 100% natural ingredients &/or food-grade ingredients for the formulation of scent or fragrances. The main advantages of this approach include having a clean label declaration…
September 30, 2017

Typically Canadian Flavours

Canada is known to have a mosaic diversity of cultures & corresponding flavours. While there are established traditional & popular profiles that are enjoyed by most Canadians, they are constantly…
September 30, 2017

Flavour solutions for meat, fish & sea food applications

We have extensive experience with the creation & optimization of flavour systems for meat, fish & seafood applications. Besides the standard essential oil-related options we have, we have spice blends…
September 29, 2017

Coffee & Tea Flavour Systems

Coffee & tea beverages are trendy & going through a renaissance. Iced cappuccino &  green tea flavoured products are still trendy, but consumers are constantly looking for new & trendy…
September 27, 2017

Essential Oils 101

An essential oil is a concentrated oil soluble liquid containing volatile aroma compounds from plants. Essential oils are also known as volatile oils, ethereal oils, aetherolea, or simply as the…
September 27, 2017

How can essential oils be used in various applications?

One has to keep in mind that essential oils are composed of mixtures of naturally produced volatile compounds that have a range of different chemical properties. Applying them to food…
September 26, 2017

NOVOsolutions for meat, fish & seafood applications

Meat & fish Essential oils & extracts as natural flavour alternatives
September 25, 2017

Flavour solutions for industrial applications

New consumer demands & tighter government regulations is requiring industrial product manufacturers to make greener & more transparent products. Novotaste can help out with a range of different natural flavour …
September 25, 2017

Vanilla extract alternatives

The cost of using vanilla extracts in food & beverage formulations has become substantially higher over the last few years. With no end in sight, Novotaste has formulated a diverse…
September 25, 2017

Real, Bold and Complete Natural Fruit Flavours

Some flavour houses regularly get away with selling flavours that do not correspond to the actual taste & smell of specific fruits.  AT Novotaste, we pride ourselves in always being…
September 25, 2017

NOVOsolutions for health and personal care products

Health and Personal Hygiene products are extensively used by billions of consumers each day. It is safe to assume that most consumers strictly focus on the benefit and active components…
September 25, 2017

NOVOsolutions for chocolate

Chocolate is one of the most popular foods in the world. It is appreciated globally for its rich, distinct taste and for our pleasurable associations with it. It is just…
September 23, 2017

Trendy Flavours & Sensations

September 23, 2017

NOVOsolutions for pet & animal feed applications

The pet food industry is rapidly evolving. With pet owners becoming increasingly conscious of what they are feeding their animal companions, we notice a number of changes in this sector.…
September 23, 2017

NOVOsolutions for confectionary

The Novotaste flavour library contains a variety of customized profiles for confectionery applications. We are constantly adding new & trendy flavours that are sure to be a hit with your…
September 23, 2017

Pumpkin-inspired flavours

Over the recent years, there has been a significant increase in popularity of pumpkin spice flavoured products. Its not just a trend, because pumpkin spice flavoured products are not just…
September 23, 2017

Wild flavour profiles

We are constantly getting inspired by current flavour, food & beverage trends.
September 23, 2017

Meat, fish & sea food flavour solutions for vegan applications

As vegan foodstuffs grow in popularity, many innovative and delicious vegan food and beverages are launching into the marketplace. Although this segment is specially targeted for vegans, many consumers of…
September 22, 2017

NOVOsolutions for tea & coffee

One of the most exciting segments in the food industry today is the tea and coffee category. Teas are embraced by health-conscious consumers for their low calories and antioxidant properties.…
September 21, 2017

NOVOsolutions for dairy

For the longest time, dairy has been a very important staple in households throughout the world. The dairy segment in the food and beverage industry has always undergone periods of…
September 21, 2017

Dairy-free cheese flavours

We have a variety of very effective cheese flavour systems that can be used to amplify cheese notes or simply replace cheese products. Mozzarella Gruyerre Swiss Parmesan
September 21, 2017

Flavour solutions for vegan applications

The vegan segment of the global food and beverage industry is not only a trend; it is currently reshaping the very nature of the industry itself. The category sizes of…
September 21, 2017

NOVOsolutions – Flavour solutions for beverages

We are quite experienced when it comes to formulating beverages, beverage syrups & customized flavour systems for beverages. As the  beverage industry is becoming more regulated, diverse & experimented, the…
September 21, 2017

Salt Reduction Solutions

Salt is a flavour enhancer, thus if salt is removed from a formulation, the flavour will be negatively affected. Besides other specific functionalities (such as preservation & water retention), if…
September 20, 2017

Reduce butter & sugar with our butter-sweetness enhancer

Novotaste can customize flavour systems for your applications with our commercially proven products and methods that will help you either reduce butter & sugar in your formulations . These customized…
September 20, 2017

NOVOsolutions – Flavour solutions for bakeries

One of the greatest challenges in the baking industry today is a progressive shift in consumer demand towards healthier, more nutritious products. Coupled with continuously rising costs in key ingredients…
September 20, 2017

Fruity flavour solutions for beer

Over the past five years, around one in 10 global beer launches have contained fruit flavours, with beer brands primarily imparting fruit flavours by using “from concentrate” juice, fruit flavour…
September 20, 2017

RTD beer beverages

Our research & development team can develop flavour systems that can transform your beer into a trendy RTD beer beverage. We have included a few examples of some beer cocktails…
September 19, 2017

Turning trends into a NOVO reality

Current food & beverage trends can be transformed into flavour systems. Consequently, these can be applied to your applications. Scroll through our trends articles, get inspired & contact us for…
September 18, 2017

Trendy savoury flavours

Savoury, when applied to food & beverages is defined as an adjective belonging to the category that is salty or spicy rather than sweet. We have a few trendy flavour…
September 18, 2017

Essential oils & extracts as natural flavour alternatives

Essential oils Essential oils can contribute consistent amounts of flavour compared to spices & citrus juices. Novotaste offers a wide range of essential oils that have a diversity of flavour…
FlavourFood trendsInterestingNovotaste
September 18, 2017

The world’s most expensive spice – Novotaste has a cheaper alternative

The spice saffron, as well as being famously expensive, is packed with antioxidants. It is said to help combat depression and lower blood pressure, to soften your skin and hair…
September 15, 2017

NOVOsolutions – Flavour solutions for beer

At Novotaste, we understand and respect that most brewers hesitate to use flavours for flavoured beers. However, when there are critical needs, we are happy to work with our brewery…