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It’s true, BrüMate and Crook & Marker® have gotten in “bev” together. What started as a flirty fling between the best-selling drinkware company and the boundary-pushing adult beverage brand has evolved into a full-fledged flavor affair. Together, the two innovators today announce the launch of the Crook’d Brü™ Series – a line of limited-edition hard seltzers, each with a rare and inimitable flavor guaranteed to arouse the senses. The first tasty flavor of the series is a provocative twist on the hottest drinks trend – the Afternoon Dillight Hard Pickle Seltzer. The exclusive hard beverage, boasting 5% ABV, 100 calories and zero sugar, will be available this summer – but pickle lovers (and skeptics) be warned: only 10,000 12-packs will be released.

There are few foods as controversial as the pickle. On April 1, 2020, BrüMate learned that, of all the savory bites out there, people are passionate about pickles. To celebrate April Fool’s Day and play on its founder’s love of the salty snack, the brand that invented the original insulated hard seltzer koozie created a joke about releasing a pickle hard seltzer. It left many craving more – and the brand found itself in a bit of a pickle. Heeding the call from fans to actually produce this brash beverage, with over 10,000 e-mail sign ups in just 24 hours, BrüMate tapped Crook & Marker to create a new line of beverages bolder than anyone had ever seen before in the saturated seltzer market. And thus, a behind-the-doors Brümance between these two brands was born.

“Crook & Marker has a great sense of humor, and their drinks are out-of-this-world – so this was a no-brainer for us,” said Dylan Jacob, BrüMate’s Chief Drinking Officer and Founder. “Innovation is at the core of everything we do, and Crook’d Brü was the perfect way to get people talking. This is going to blow the hard seltzer market wide open. If you think this is bold, wait until you see what else is in the works. Hard seltzers are never going to be the same again!”

Known for delivering bold-flavored spiked beverages, Crook & Marker set out to brew the most flavorful hard pickle seltzer the world has ever seen, making gherkins everywhere proud. Afternoon Dillight is a zest above the rest – featuring savory Dill flavor with every sip for a one-of-a-brine pickiliscious experience you won’t want to miss. “We relish a good challenge, so together with BrüMate, we’re saving the world from boring hard seltzers by releasing flavors so wild your tongue needs to sign a waiver,” said Daniel Goodfellow, Chief Marketing Officer of Crook & Marker. “Coming out strong with our shockingly delicious Afternoon Dillight, the Crook’d Brü series is guaranteed to start conversations and stir things up. If the flavor makes you second guess everything, chances are we’ll probably make it … and make it well. Stay tuned!”

Not Sure About Afternoon Dillight? Juss Dil’Witit.

To bring this phenomenon to life even further, the brands not only created a one-of-a-kind hard pickle seltzer, but also introduced consumers to Afternoon Dillight personified. Meet Juss Dil’Witit, the proud owner of fabled Dil’Witit Farms, who was born and raised on his family’s pickle farm. Full of bliss and vinegar, Juss has grown from a field-frolicking farm boy into a prize-winning pickle tiller and business owner. The spirit of Juss has been a guiding force throughout the hard pickle seltzer process and the brands look forward to sharing his brine and joy with consumers.

In the words of Juss, “Life’s less salty with a pickle in your palm and a lil’ booze in your belly. This canister of hardened seltzer is a real zing dinger of flavor. Heck, we think you’re gonna find it’s dill-licious.”

Source: BrüMate And Crook & Marker Team Up To Launch New Hard Pickle Seltzer | Brewbound