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Ben & Jerry’s

American ice cream producer Ben & Jerry’s is looking to capitalise on the growing pet food market. The company is launching 2 new flavours, specially made for dogs.

Lucrative market

The new ice cream treats, called “Doggie Desserts”, have a base of sunflower butter. They come in two flavours: pumpkin with biscuits and peanut butter with pretzels.

Dog snacks are booming business: in the past five years, worldwide sales of the sector have increased by 44% to 4.5 billion euros. According to Ben & Jerry’s, the new doggy ice creams were made in consultation with pet food experts and are therefore perfectly safe. “It is best to introduce the dessert to your dog slowly, starting with one scoop at a time,” the company adds.

The ice creams will soon be available in American supermarkets and pet shops. It is not known if and when they will be available in Europe. The price is pretty steep: the equivalent of 2.5 euros for one 120 ml pint.

Source: Ben & Jerry’s launches ice cream for dogs