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CLEVELAND, Ohio — Summer isn’t over yet and there’s still time to try several of the delicious drinks and dishes mentioned in Yelp’s Biggest Food and Drink Trends for Summer 2021.

We tapped Yelp’s data science team to analyze millions of reviews to find the food and drink that have been surging in popularity over the last six months.

Cleveland is known for its stellar food community and many of these trends have been on the rise across Northeast Ohio. Read on to find out where you can sample some of these hot (and cold) dishes and drinks!

Bánh xèo

This classic Vietnamese crispy, stuffed rice pancake is being modernized as chefs get creative in their interpretations and playfully reformat the dish. Review mentions for bánh xèo are up 31%. In Cleveland, spots like Siam CafeSaigon Restaurant & Bar and Bowl of Pho are some of the most popular local businesses for this delicious dish.

Tomahawk steaks

Tomahawk steaks are often referred to as the steak lover’s favorite cut. Tomahawks are perfect for sharing with friends and loved ones and that’s what we expect many will do this summer. Review mentions are up 45% for this meat-lovers dish, and you can get yours at Marble Room Steaks and Raw BarThe Capital Grille and Strip Steakhouse.


Skip the frosé this summer, and sip on a martini instead. Whether you prefer yours with vodka or gin, martinis are a top drink order this summer with review mentions up 65% for lychee martinis and 63% for espresso martinis. Yelpers recommend the espresso martini at The Fairmount and the lychee martini at Xinji Noodle Bar and Peppermint Thai Cuisine.

Lavender lattes

Lavender lattes and other lavender-themed beverages will up your coffee game, especially with review mentions for lavender lattes up 28%. For your lavender fix, visit local coffee shops Milk + Honey CafeRising Star Coffee Roasters and Joe Maxx Coffee.

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