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Aged Spirit & Wine Flavour Systems

By October 4th, 2022No Comments

Utilizing alcohol in applications is not always possible & cost effective. The solution to this problem is to use Novotaste’s range of customizable non-alcoholic wine, spirit & liquor flavours. Enhance your products with the flavour profiles of 100 year old cognac, 50 year old rum, an exclusive late bottled vintage  porto or a rare wine.

Ethanol (food-grade alcohol) gives character to alcoholic beverages & is generally one of the main reasons why they are consumed. The flavour of champagne, rum, porto & most alcoholic beverages (not cocktails) is actually perceived to be quite different when there is not alcohol or if certain attributes such as gas (or CO2) levels are modified. When CO2 is removed from champagne, it can be perceived as being more acidic, bland with some yeast character & having some mild apple top-notes. In many applications, alcohol will mainly volatilize (bakery) leaving trace amounts of the remaining aromatics having lower volatility. In other applications such as with filled chocolates, alcohol is required to be tasted & will generally not volatilize. However, alcohol is not compatible with chocolate, so utilizing flavour systems instead of spirits & liquors will  guarantee better taste profiles & product stability.

Our research & development team have developed a range of solutions to be able to bring the true character of alcoholic beverages into your applications without actually using any! We have listed a few popular & successful examples of our aged flavour systems as well as tools that can be used to enhance alcohol type notes.

Oak Extracts: We have optimized a line-up of oak extracts made from French, American & Hungarian oak wood. These can be used to add complexity &/or enhance the character of about any alcohol type that would typically be aged in oak barrels.

Alcohol notes: Alcohol-like notes & character can be added to your application without the use of alcohol. We simply use a complex mixture of natural aromatic ingredients, extracts & essential oils.

Aged Rum: The true character of an aged rum can be achieved & made to resemble about any rum type products originating from the Caribbean, South America & Europe.

Aged Spirits: Cognac, Gin, Eau de vie, Schnapps etc…

Liquors: All popular & more obscure types

White wine: From Alsace to Australian

Red wine: From smooth & delicate to Harsh & Oaky

Cocktails: You have a popular cocktail that needs to be transformed into a flavour system? We can do it!

Champagne: We have a range of various qualities & types of champagnes

Ice wine types: From all regions including the Canadian Niagara & BC’s Okanagan

Beer Types: Whether you want to add the character of a stout beer or lime beer to your product, we can can formulate the right flavour system for you.