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The new bottle design matches the significant update to the Absolut Vodka original bottle in 2021.

The new packaging tells the story of the flavor sensation inside, clearly signposting the new taste profile to help consumers find their favorite flavor and explore new ones.

The revamp includes:

  • Artistic bottle update, which pays homage to the Absolut Vodka’s quality credentials of provenance, heritage and authenticity
  • The overall harmonization allows for maximum standout on shelf and has been implemented for Absolut Vodka and across all 12 flavors in the range
  • Introduction of brand-new flavor, Absolut Passionfruit, an exotic addition to the range now available in Australia and the UK with global roll-out imminent.

Elin Furelid, head of product portfolio and innovation, Absolu, said: “While we let Absolut Vodka original have its own identity as a clearly unflavored vodka, we’ve used a combination of colours that match the actual fruit and added an artistic brushstroke on the back of the bottle creating the perfect canvas for the flavorful vodka itself.”

Source: Absolut launches new vodka bottle design and flavours