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The variety of flavours that come from Cadbury’s Dairy Milk range is nothing short of amazing. We’re talking everything from classic mint, to orange chocolate and even bars with six different flavoured centres (no — seriously). We’re lovers of them all! So, you can pretty much imagine how we responded to discovering yet another flavour…

Spotted online via Snack News & Reviews on Facebook (otherwise known as Kev’s Snack Reviews) it turns out that B&M has extended its chocolate offering with a brand-new addition, welcoming Cadbury Dairy Milk, Tropical Pineapple.

Unlike anything we’ve ever seen before — let alone tasted — this new bar features Cadbury’s signature milk chocolate, along with a “flowing tropical pineapple flavoured centre.” Yep! Not your standard chocolate bar, to say the least.

*Frantically searches for the closest B&M*

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We’re imagining it to taste similar to what you would get with a chocolate fondue, fresh slices of pineapple dripping with melted milk chocolate. How has this not been a flavour combo we’ve seen before?

Now, we’re not totally in the know on how much a bar of this stuff costs. But if it’s anything like the rest of B&M’s choc offering, we’re assuming anywhere between £1.50 and £3 a bar. In other words, get to your nearest budget store now!

If the idea of a pineapple-flavoured chocolate bar is a little too exotic for you, then you’ll be pleased to hear that B&M house an entire range of flavours and styles including Caramilk Hokey PokeyTwirl Breakaway MintFavourites Boxes and more.

Source: A New Flavour Of Cadbury Dairy Milk Has Been Spotted In B&M