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When it comes to food and beverage in this modern and innovative era, consumers want it all, don’t they ?

  • Delicious beverages with sweet, bold and well-rounded flavours – “I want it sweet and fruity but hold the sugar and artificial sweeteners !”
  • Dairy or non-dairy products which are creamy, buttery and delicious. –  “Needs to be creamy, contain fatty notes and cannot contain any fat!”
  • Savoury snacks that are packed with the proper amount of seasoning.-  “The snack needs to provide a burst of savoury flavour. Salt content needs to be little to none !”

While most consumers desire a pleasurable experience when consuming food, they also want to avoid  calories, fat, sugar and salt. Whether we like it or not, fat, sugar and salt have been and will most likely always will be key ingredients that heavily contribute and that correlated to overall flavour food and beverages. The challenges flavourists face every day is working on these important and crucial consumer demands without compromising the final taste of products being developed by their customers.

Luckily, our innovative R&D team at Novotaste has developed a set of solutions that addresses the challenges around fat & sugar and salt, and that is also customizable to our customers’ needs and applications. These solutions are often used by our customers to not only improve nutritional values and simplify ingredient labels, but to also optimize flavour and reducing cost.

Novotaste’s fat reducer flavours are a set of solutions that are extremely versatile throughout various applications:

  • Significant reduction  of butter and fat in customers’ applications.
  • Incorporation of fatty/creamy notes in foods that are fat-free.
  • Can be paired with other flavours profiles in order to create complex profiles with “fried analogs”  (i.e. Rosemary, Peppercorn, Lemon and French Fry Flavour).
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Salt reduction solutions

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