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Available exclusively to, a bottle of Ginscoffi will set you back just £18.00.

Chief Ginnovator, Layla said, “I am a huge fan of speculoos biscuits, such as Biscoff and biscotti so to me it made sense to try to combine those flavours to create a brand new flavoured gin liqueur.

“It has taken me almost a year to create the recipe, but I think the end product is something really unique. Even if you aren’t a gin fan, Ginscoffi will blow you away. It’s sweet cinnamon and caramelly taste is so versatile it’s ideal for making chocolate or coffee based cocktails, and it has a lovely festive feel to it.

“We’ve been having so much fun using Ginscoffi to create loads of tasty cocktails. Fans can check them out on our website and social media pages.”

Source: A Biscoff Inspired Gin Liqueur Is Now Available Online!