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Holy shit: Baileys have launched a limited edition apple pie flavour, which is available right now.

The new flavour is a seasonal take on the original, which is a combination of cream, cocoa and Irish whisky. The apple pie version is a mix of Irish cream, apple and cinnamon. YUM.

In the famous words of Sharon Strzelecki: “This calls for BBQ shapes and a bottle of Baileys.”

I’ll be honest I have mixed emotions about the drink Baileys. On one hand, it reminds me of that warm feeling of sharing a glass with my mum and grandma. On the other, it reminds me of that time I projectile vomited in my toilet because I mixed a bottle of Baileys and vanilla vodka the night before.

However, I’m willing to forget that fateful night and forge new memories with the new apple pie flavour. Just gimme a taste of that sweet, sweet nectar.

Supply is limited, so if you want to try the new flavour head to your local  Liquorland or First Choice ASAP.

Source: A Baileys Apple Pie Flavour Is Now Available In Australia